Thursday, January 21, 2016

Orgasm!!! Yay!!

As some may be aware, I have never been able to have an orgasm, I get wet when having sex and what not, but I don't get the whole body awesomeness that everyone speaks of. I thought I was broken, but then realized NO  I am NOT partners just don't know how to get me off...and I don't communicate.
That is until I got with my best friend/lover, he got me to cum a huge puddle the first night we made love, but I was so drunk all I remember is the puddle I was sleeping in. Since that night 2 years ago he has been relentlessly trying to get me to have an orgasm again. We tried so many things, but I can't relax, as soon as he gets going good and I get that I gotta pee feeling I push him away. But before all that even I'm tightening up my legs, when I should be spreading them. He was getting so frustrated. I got leg straps to keep my legs spread open and back, and those did help! That night I was soooo close to cumming. I was there, but because I don't communicate what I am feeling, he thought it wasn't going to happen and stopped. Should have spoke up.
Well now two nights ago we were at a friends, and she heard of my problem, and said he must be doing it wrong...well he said fuck that, I know I am doing this shit right. So the next night after church my back was sore, so when we got home, I just got in a bath with my unicorn horn bubble bar from Lush and a beer, and was relaxing. My boy came in the bathroom to hang out with me, and I told him get in. So we sat there in the warm bath just relaxing and chilling. He busted out a joint and I don't really ever smoke, but it was late so I figured eff it, why not and took four hits! Then we got out of the tub and went to the room I was about to just get dressed and go to bed, but he was like no come here and pushed me on to the bed and then kissed his way up my legs. Then slowly kissed on my vulva working his tongue around and inside me. He uses both lips and his tongue to just create amazing sensations. He is so talented! The pussy master, is my nickname for him. Most guys put me to sleep with their wack tongue game, but not him. He makes me squirm and moan. He tricks my pussy by at first using his tongue then switching to his fingers, but creating the same sensation. Then inserts one finger and then the other and starts doing that come hither move. He knows right where my g spot is and he just gets down on it, while feverishly licking my pussy. I cannot help myself but to tense up, but he licks my thigh to relax me, and goes back to what he was doing. Then it happens, I just soak the bed, and he licks his fingers and hand in victory and puts them to my mouth, so I can taste our success as well! Victory finally. Just took a little bit of marijuana to get out of my head and shut down my brain, and a little bit of relaxation!!!