Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sex Factor

So there is a show hosted by Asa Akira that is like X-factor, but it is sex!!! I learned about it on and I was like what the heck....and first was thinking what is this crap! Why would they make this. But then I got home, and got curious. Decided to check it out...I mean why not. Then guess what happened??? I binged watched it all night!!! Finished the last 2 episodes in the morning because it got to late!! That is how good it is, and sometimes you can even get a little hot and bothered from it!!!
If you have not watched it I recommend you do, you can watch it on the website for free Also if you haven't watched it DO NOT finish reading this post because I will spoil the show!!! But for sure watch it, and pray me and my boyfriend get on it next season. I submitted us both, I don't think I will win. But my boyfriend he WILL win. He can do all the needed things and has all the requirements and skills to make him a winner, and we NEED that $500,000 to buy a home!!! Shit if we both won & kept doing porn!!! woooo!!!! We would be set!!! But that won't happen unless I had a bunch of horrible girls against me, because I'm more like the girl who got 3ed place...but not even as beautiful! :-(  Anyways enough on that...but know this is a fun show, and there is going to be a second season and you can apply to be on it!!!!

  Out of the girls I wanted to win from the very start one of them won!! The guys were all kind of eehhh. One of my faves made it to the top 3, but he did not win! But the guy who won did have the skills, he did a fantastic final scene even though he didn't do the best thought out the

This was the whole cast and my review of their performance and personality! 
Lets start worst to best!
I HATED 3 women and out of 2 I don't even know who should have got kicked first I think...

 Adrian Lee Ray - She would have got let go first if the show was able to progress naturally...but then I wouldn't have got to grow to despise her! 1st off she NEVER should have joined the competition she could not orgasm, because she was a "dead fuck" she just laid there quiet. &then she fucked up this one guys scene because she heard he called her the worst fuck of his life! & to make her worse, she went behind backs and shot a scene with James Deen which fucked her contract with this show. So she should have got let go sooner, and then the guy whose scene she ruined would have stood a chance!
Kaelin Blake - Gosh she is the 2nd worse, she never really fucked, and was really I think ONLY on the show for publicity! She should have NEVER been cast. She ruined scenes for her partners & she also refuses to fuck guys she isn't attractive to and knowing that should have known porn wasn't the place for her! Thats all there is to say on her!
Dani Darko - She just was NOT attractive and did NOT have a good body. But she was DTF at least. She also turned out to be a phycho! But I think Max Hardcore would use her! haha.
Veronica Vain - Her personality was crappy, but besides that she was not bad!
Sydney Gilmour - She was hot I liked her.
Allie Eve Knox - She is a beauty and for pretty porn like those playboy movies she would be great!
Khaya Peake - A freak and beautiful!!! I think she was actually my top pick for a long while but...
Blair Williams - She just had the it factor, she was the PORN star!!! She might be a little larger then I like but dude she just was a freaky girl and she loves to fuck and her smile as she is getting it, she is just real and fantastic I loved her!!!

Now the boys they are all no-bueno I could have found better dudes to cast for this!
Worst to best (kind of...really they were all the worst)...
Barry Newport - He dropped out of the competition and honestly I don't even remember anything about him. So he must have been boring...but he had the cutest face, I think I actually picked him as a fave based on first looks!
Sonny Keegan -  He actually wasn't bad except he was all talk and no action, may have got let go to soon.
David Caspian - I thought he was Hot actually but he creeped people out, he may have done well if given the chance!
The colonel - Ugly and a show hopper. But at least he was able to get it up and pop for the camera, which is more then the other guys could do! He was awkward and didn't have the presence needed!
Johnny Black - I wasn't into him, I don't like his body even but he didn't win so whatever.
Buddy Hollywood - He was cute, and he actually does porn that goes to show if he was given more chances he would have done good....he was just shy I guess.
Hero - I hate the name but loved him but he did a shit last performance with Dana Dearmond. Just awkward ...but it showed he had potential to pull off a lot of different positions! 
Donnie - He did fantastic in his final scene ...which is why he won! Plus he has a hot body. I mean come on!

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