Friday, March 3, 2017


So I was lucky enough to get press invite to the AVN expo this year, I also was able to attend the awards thanks to MyFreeCams!
So I rented a cute little Nissan economy car and headed for Vegas. I only went for 2days of the expo and the awards. Had to work so I wasn't able to do all the days. I also messed up and missed the whole purpose of me being there which was the toy exibit hall, I went to network, and was walking in circles for hours. Finally I noticed the door to the other room, when I mascot came out. But they were closing it. Which was a bummer, that they didn't stay open for the last day. Next year now I know, I also want to come out for the toy awards as well. I had planned to go to it, by leaving the night before after work. But I wasn't able to get a room for free like I had originally planned, also the car I normally borrow for free fell thru. So I had to put out some money I didn't plan on putting out, and I didn't want to fork over for a room more then one night, all the rooms were more expensive due to it being a weekend and the AVN being in town.
DAY 1 Jan 20th 2017
Me and my friend that came with me stayed at the hotel right across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel, where they hold the AVN. Which was super lucky. It wasn't that expensive, it had a decent little kitchen, and a living room area. Also a nice sized tub. Wasn't the Wyndam Grand Desert where I planned to be but hey it was better, because instead of walking a block, I only had to run across a street!!!
This was the first place I came across, which was the Chaterbate booth, I had to talk to the head chick who was beautiful and super nice. I actually ended up going to a talk and she was one of the panel members and it was really good!

My friend testing to see just how realistic a doll can be!

Free ears from Motor Bunny!
I got to ride the Motor Bunny (sybian type product) and I got ears and a shirt!
Can't beat that deal I had been wanting to sit on one. I was a little disappointed. My pussy is a champion and it takes a lot to get me off.
I think if i was in the right mind set, then sat on one then it could get the job done. But on its own nope I need more. :-( I always wanted one thinking it would be the magic device.

Had my friend hope thought this was funny.

A model on a table....whenever this happens....
This would happen.
Men would gather and film to the point you couldn't walk thru.

My favorite booth was the booth!
They always had something fun going on.

Like these chicks...check them out!

My favorite star is Bonnie and I was hoping to meet her there. But I was told by an adult star that I met that she wouldn't be there. At least her beautiful face was on a wall! Check out her line of adult products!

Chaterbate boys. Check out those bods!

Chocolate vaginas. This booth was amazing. These were soooo good. This was a peanut butter flavor.

One of walls of girls that were there signing.

Whorley Quinn. Love her what a sweetie. Stopped to show her my tattoo. I should have took a photo of my own with her.

Another place, that was hard to walk thru, because all the men where gathered around.

This girl is such a beauty, and her shirt was awesome. I want one!!!

Tia Cyrus posing for a selfie!

A panel interview of girls, interviewed on dating while in the industry!

Models taking a selfie!

Back at chaterbate. This chick has the cutest face!

All these woman had boobs larger then life!

Had to lick a nipple! haha

SnapCentro was doing something to Trump!

I had to meet Ron Jeremy of course!

Loving these dolls! Not no real doll. But still fun!

Ran into my fave cam girl from MFC. Stopped to take a photo and she fixed my ears!
Only to bite them!
 @Kota_Morgue! Check her out she is a goddess.

Stripper poll, at the anal ring toss booth!

Was excited to get a free shirt, from them! But had to pose for a photo first!

Love the booth, did I already say that?!?!

Back in the room are passes.

DAY 2 Jan. 21st 2017

Thought about wearing this to day two!

But chose this!
                                                                Had to rep for #1 MFC

Found Johnny Depp talking to Johnny Depp impersonator. Only in Vegas!


loving the anal ring toss van!

Also loved these pipes. I should have got one.

Regret! Getting one next year for sure!

Love Joanah Angel!

@Eric_John thought i was someone and started talking to me. But he is who told me there would be no Bonnie this year. :-(

Posing with the award!

Today the Hotel Had girls hanging around!

On guitars!

and on ropes!

Award show getting ready setting up the red carpet!

Look at these amazing girls.All of them were up there for hours!

Left and went to Golden Coral to eat dinner and kill time!

Changed into my fancy dress! Only to find out we had no award tickets!!

Got a drink! and then someone told us to talk to MFC upstairs.

So we went up and found no one, but while waiting for the elevator a girl came up and she hooked up a ticket for me. Jake had to wait (but he made friends with other guys waiting on there girls that had tickets)

Look at the crowd.

My ticket!!!!


                                                                    The stage!

So exciting!!

@manuelferrara walked by twice!!!

Love being dressed up! But next year I am going as talent with MFC and getting to get all done up!

Had to pose with Marilyn Mansons costume on the way out of the Hard Rock and out of town!!!
Got autographs for my roommate who didn't get to go, but would have had a blast!

Lots of girls for Joey!

Here is my merch come up!!!
The MFC vibe I must say is one of my faves!!!

Met Katrina Jade outside while she was waiting on a taxi! We didn't know she was famous. and my friend asked if she needed a ride. She probably thought he was some creep. haha.
I wished I was able to find James Deen, my friend said he met him outside, and he was a dick.
The friends he made also said yes for sure it was him. The next day I found this photo of him, and then he confirmed it was not the same guy! I was so glad because I was mad. All I wanted was a photo with him, and if my friend got to meet him. ooooo that woulda been my luck. Bad!

Until next year!
Peace out and enjoy the photos!!!
I will be posting videos on my youtube channel!