Friday, July 15, 2016

Girlvert by Ashley Blue

 Gosh, nothing I could possibly say could express my feelings about this book. It is the most fantastic, heart breaking, disturbing, wonderful thing I have read in years! I have very few books I call favorites...Candy by Luke Davis, Requiem For a Dream by Hubert Selby Jr, and now Girlvert by Ashley Blue. Who would have thought that a hardcore porn star could write something so beautiful, and soul touching? It is wonderful!!!
  I relate to a lot of the statements she makes about not being able to tell people no, and there for being pressured to do things she doesn't want to, because of that inability. I have been in that situation so many times and like her people know of that weakness/inability and use it to their advantage.
  I also can understand the feeling of pain she felt from having an addict parent. She was raised in a situation similar to a few ex boyfriends of mine, and I had to suffer their mothers who were just the worse. I would see the harm they would cause in their children lives and I just felt for her!!
Her boyfriend, he was a real piece of work, using her love for him against him to get his way, and the porn they were doing to guilt her into doing something. I know men like that and it is awful and she was so young and naive and in love and on drugs that she couldn't see what he was doing, and boy have a been there. Doing for men things I didn't want to, because if not then they wouldn't love me anymore. (They never really did)
 Then the porn stories, like her experience with Khan Tusion nearly choking her to death, and then her gang bang that was just to much for her body to take, causing her to faint later at Whole Foods!! Eating cum from 8 guys one by one with a cold spoon and having to hold it all in her mouth, her details sometimes make you want to get sick for her, that is how good this book is! This book makes you want to puke, get angry, cry, and hug her. I've also felt the need to google certain videos, and I have even felt the desire to try odd things, like sticking my hand down my throat. I also kind of want to try to fist my pussy, since she was able to fist her own ass. But really I have never read a book that make me feel so many feels, most bring anger and tears but no more then that! This book brings makes you feel all the feelings of human emotion. I am not one who feels compassion or empathy. But boy this book made me feel those, feelings I never thought I was capable of feeling!
  Just reading her story made me think, just wow! She has been thru and suffered everything, and she is still so happy and amazing. This woman is just the most fantastic human being, when you watch her in interviews!!! She has been thru so much, but she doesn't blame any one, she doesn't talk shit or hate the industry or the bad people who had harmed her. She is just amazing!
I will recommend this book to everyone!

Friday, May 20, 2016

A Toy Story.

I don't know what this is, or what its name is...but I do know that I do not like it at all.  It is too skinny to get any vaginal pleasure from it what so ever, so I did not try....and two hard and long to want to stick it in my butt, that was accually the first thing I thought about doing with it, but it doesn't have a flared base to keep from getting sucked in, and it just really doesn't seem appealing at all.
I found it in a drawer in my boyfriends room, he doesn't know if it was left by an ex, or if it was something that belonged to an ex of one of his brothers, or maybe it was his mothers? Who knows we don't know, but I am not one to let go sex toys go to waste I didn't want to throw it away. So I washed it, and I put battery's in it, and accually for being something that probably cost $5 the motor was not so bad, I accually wouldn't mind using this to stick into a clone a willy to make it vibrate vs the one the clone a willy comes with.
But in the end I just gave this away to some poor, for lack of a better word 'white trash', tweeker that lives on my street! She came over one day asking me for sex toys, because she heard I did reviews. I guess she was horny. So I gave her a bag of trash ones, cheap ones from Walgreen's and Spencer's that I never touch! That was my good deed...helping out the less fortunate and horny and this toy I really had no desire to stick into my body, found a home!

Kink Craft Paracord Handcuff Kit

So Kink Craft is a fun little company that sends you supply's and you get the instructions from their site and you make your own sexy time toys!!! So if you are the crafty sort this may be right up your alley. I do love crafting so I was stoked on this!!! I accually won it in a giveaway Joanne Reviews was having...I wanted this fun clear dildo that had rainbow cubes inside, but hey this is what I got, and I am just grateful to have won something. This was accually the first thing I ever won, like ever!!! In my whole 28 years of existence!!! So I am stoked on that!!!

So this came in a beautiful purple box, wrapped in a purple ribbon and stuffed with pink tissue paper!! It came with a card with a code and website for getting your instructional video. A wooden stick which i still have not found out the use for, para cord, and a plastic clip! Mine also came with Joanne's super cute business card, but yours won't!!!

Now the hardest part for me, was trying to get the instructional video!! There was a lot of different options when it came to this handcuff kit, different string length and what not, and I didn't know exactly which one this was! Plus for the first couple days of trying I was going to the completely wrong area to get the video! Now if you accually order your kit from them it comes with the video and you should not have the issue I had, I think it was only this way because I had won it from a second party and it didn't just come directly from them! Maybe when you order you will get your video access right then!?! But hey I don't know, but lets hope so!!!

 I basically gave up on trying to get my instructional video, because I wanted it right here and now! So I figured you can find anything on the internet, and I found a tutorial on you tube for making para-cord bracelets this is what I wanted to learn the stitch! Now this did not help me to make the hand cuffs because it did not tell me where to put the metal ring that makes this separate into the two cuffs. But I did wind up with a bitching dog collar!

I did end up emailing kink craft and they respond super quick and I got my issue resolved and got my actual instructional video!So know that they have great customer service! So I do need to go back and undo a few stitches on my "collar" to get to the point where I can add the metal ring and then re-stitch it and finish it up!!! 

This is an easy to do project if your into this sort of thing, I love learning new crafting skills; crochet, chain stitch, finger knit, everything new and different is fun if I am good at it!!! I was good at this I caught on pretty quick, though I kept forgetting which direction I was supposed to go next so I kept the video playing as I would do it, and fast forward and rewind as necessary! 

These also will make for a nice tough pair of handcuffs, the rope is real firm when stitched up. So it would be nice and tough but not painful like a metal handcuff can get. If you have seen the bracelets at the store and tried them on you would get an idea of how these would feel as a handcuff! 

The fun thing about this kit, is you could totally buy a second one and make this a project to do with your kids, have them make some friendship bracelets while you make your handcuffs & really it is not obvious what you are making so it would be a fun thing to do with the kids!!! & If you are into collars or have a pet, you could totally do what I did and make yourself a collar!!

Check out KinkCraft for some other fun projects
Make your own flogger, or whip,or handcuffs, and they are also coming up with some fun vinyl projects so make sure to check them out and support their cute company!!!
and check out Joanna's Reviews her blog is really nice and she does reviews of some super neat toys!
Opening up my box of treasure!

The start of the stitch 

                                                            I am getting somewhere!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

public sex fantasy...dogging!!!

So I have always loved to have sex in public. In my car in the park, on my car in the mountains, sex on the beach, sex in the grass in a field. In front of friends at a party. I love having people watch it turns me on, and the possibility of getting caught, mmmm that really gets my panties wet.
Sex is so sexy I feel so sexy and empowered when my pussy engulfs my mans cock. I love when I am on top, I enjoy watching in a mirror, I love seeing it and watching it slideing in and out. If I love the view I am sure others do to. I just love putting on a show, I do it for me, cuz I feel sexy!! I want people to see and think, "damn that man is lucky his chick is a sexy nympho! Why cant i find that?!?" Or women to be like, "what a lucky gal she is, her mans cock and his body, wow! Not to mention the way he makes love to her! I wish I had that!" I want to do webcam shows. Sell my home videos on the web. I want to be seen butt naked, with a cock ramming me.

Soooo needless to say when I was watching the Sunny Megatron's show on showtime and discovered Dogging I was interested! That is something I want to do!!! A new experience! A chance to maybe find another chick to fuck with us and also have sex in public ohh yehh!!
Now I definitely don't know if this is an american thing?!? I haven't heard of it before her show. But perhaps now that I have, if I searched?!?! I am into sex in public, and putting on a show!!! But I sure don't want to end up as a registered sex offender, for having sex in public! But it would be fun to show up at one of these events or start my own!! and if I see someone of interest get them to join?!? Hmmm perhaps one day I will go about doing this, then I will have a interesting story to tell!! ;-)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

love honey sensual glass g spot dildo

I absolutely love this glass toy by lovehoney! At first I was one of those dummies who thought, "oh no glass is fragile what if it chips and I get a cut?" But this is borosilicate glass, and we all know pyrex glass it is sturdy as f**k, and really no breaking it going to happen!
Glass is amazing, especially if your a fan of temperature play like I am. I keep this bad boy in the freezer all the time, so when I wanna play its already ice cold and ready to go!! It does warm up from your body in time, but it stays cold for a pretty decent about of time!!
This is a double headed toy and great for texture or g spot stimulation. Also the fact that there is a barrier on the bumpy side tells me it'd be great for anal play if that's your thing!
Personality I only bought it for hitting my gspot while solo or while my partner is going down on me! I did stick in the other side once but really its not my get down, I don't like the bumpy and prefer it as a handle and boy does it make a great handle, your not gonna slip and loose your grip while getting nutty on your gspot! I chose this toy because it is hard with a good curve like the infamous njoy pure wand, but way more affordable! Also I have been eyeing glass toys since seeing someone bang herself with one in a porno when I was 17, and it just looked so pretty and classy!
I love that it is so easily cleaned, and that I can use any lube on it! This would be a great addition to any toy collection! My idea of the most perfect simple collection would include 1 glass, 1 duel density dildo, and one wand with attachments for all occasions! Boom, done perfect ready for all sexy situations! For around $300 you can have variety and versatility, and really not have to take up a ton of room storing them!

This toy is 8.5' inches 5' inch insertable 5.75' circumference! This sexy toy only costed me $20 because I got it on a sale, but it regularly goes for $30 Buy it here I can't wait to try more glass toys in the future!
                                                   Burrr, this baby is super cold and frosty!!