Saturday, July 18, 2015

menstrual cup from amazon

This is going to be my second go at using a menstral cup, the first time sucked with my bf having to get it out for me. I got this one because it has a flat stem so i can grab it easier also it even has the little shape on the bottom for a easy pull out.but i did tie a string to it this time to see if that helps at all.

So after day one i officially became a menstrual cup fan!! Feels so good to not think I am wasteing money each time I pull it outta me and its not full to the maxx, like I would be thinking with tampons! It feels so good to not have to pay for tampons every month now! I hated buying them, i didnt ask to bleed every month i dont want that, and i have to pay for it to lame!! Well not no more!!
this cup is perfect for me, the walls are less sturdy/hard then the first one I got, so the suction is easier to break! All I have to do is push like I am pooping and this bad boy is down where I can grab it. Which was not the case with that mooncup I have.
The cup did get a odor from the blood after the first use, which sucks. But my pussy is so much cleaner then when i used tampons, i didnt leak at all, so i didnt have to wear a panty liner that causes my skin to get irratated. I even feel like my period was shorter. Also after using tampons for a week my pussy would have a odor for a few days after, not the case with the cup!!! It seriously is the best thing i ever got! I am telling every one i know to make the switch!!!
Wanna know how to use one go here!!
Buy yourself the same one I got right here! on amazon for so cheap!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

wow! g motion vibe. by pipedreams

Insertable 5.5" inches, width 1.4" Made from elite silicone like the other products in the wow! Vibe series. 
It takes 4 AA batterys and the bottom unscrews and they go I
in, side by side like a square. This toy is water proof so it seals up good!
You can purchase this baby here for $109, which is a great deal for such a high quality rabbit vibe!!
My juices on it, cause it works!! 

I have been wanting two different toys a rabbit, and a good g spot toy. My man always gets me to cum doing the come hither finger move and i wanted a toy that could give me that, so this toy is like two in one! It is not my faviorte as a g spot toy, it just doesn't hit as hard as i need it to, as it would if i did it manually, but over all as a rabbit vibe it is great! I do really like this toy though it right now is one of my faviortes to masterbate with before sex to put on a show for my man!! Really it doesnt fit my body as well as i would like, the tips of the ears just barley hit my clit, but everyones bodys are different, so it probably is perfect for smaller girls. I like to just turn on the shaft vibrator and sometimes the g motion setting and go to town!! There are alot of setting to choose from, my faviorte is the one that has three pulses followed by a long stronger pulse.

These are the vibration patterns:
A low, steady vibe
A mid-level, steady vibe
The strongest steady vibe, which is higher mid-level
Slow pulse
Three pulses followed by a longer, stronger pulse
Fast pulse

 The sound isnt so loud with the vibration buttons, but when I turn on the g motion button that is loud. But it is all good I just turn up some music!!! 

I had douched yesterday before using this toy and the second i turned on the g motion button it I guess opened me up enough to let all the water that was sitting in me gush out. I tripped out at first, thinking like no way it got me THAT wet, that quick!! haha
But it does make me wet, my first time testing it when i pulled it out it was covered in my lady juices! I forgot to wash it right away and just sat it aside, a few days later i pulled it out to put on a show for my man and my juices had like turned into a film, i could peel off. I guess it is normal for that to happen on that kind of silicone.

But i do love this toy and i think it is worth the money, its become a regular part of my masterbation sessions.