Saturday, February 13, 2016

love honey sensual glass g spot dildo

I absolutely love this glass toy by lovehoney! At first I was one of those dummies who thought, "oh no glass is fragile what if it chips and I get a cut?" But this is borosilicate glass, and we all know pyrex glass it is sturdy as f**k, and really no breaking it going to happen!
Glass is amazing, especially if your a fan of temperature play like I am. I keep this bad boy in the freezer all the time, so when I wanna play its already ice cold and ready to go!! It does warm up from your body in time, but it stays cold for a pretty decent about of time!!
This is a double headed toy and great for texture or g spot stimulation. Also the fact that there is a barrier on the bumpy side tells me it'd be great for anal play if that's your thing!
Personality I only bought it for hitting my gspot while solo or while my partner is going down on me! I did stick in the other side once but really its not my get down, I don't like the bumpy and prefer it as a handle and boy does it make a great handle, your not gonna slip and loose your grip while getting nutty on your gspot! I chose this toy because it is hard with a good curve like the infamous njoy pure wand, but way more affordable! Also I have been eyeing glass toys since seeing someone bang herself with one in a porno when I was 17, and it just looked so pretty and classy!
I love that it is so easily cleaned, and that I can use any lube on it! This would be a great addition to any toy collection! My idea of the most perfect simple collection would include 1 glass, 1 duel density dildo, and one wand with attachments for all occasions! Boom, done perfect ready for all sexy situations! For around $300 you can have variety and versatility, and really not have to take up a ton of room storing them!

This toy is 8.5' inches 5' inch insertable 5.75' circumference! This sexy toy only costed me $20 because I got it on a sale, but it regularly goes for $30 Buy it here I can't wait to try more glass toys in the future!
                                                   Burrr, this baby is super cold and frosty!!


This lovely lady is giving away your choice item from the lovehoney desire collection!!
They look like good quality items I am hoping to win the wand!!
Try your luck at winning something good!!!

Also my favorite blogger Miss Ruby Reviews is having a Vibease giveaway, pink or purple!!
I am hopping to win this beautiful toy!! Since there is two you should try to win too, there is 16days left to win! you can read her review on it here!!
and try to win one here,

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My 2 favorite pornstars

Bonnie Rotten and James Dean!! Hot damn who can think up a better combo?? That is like one I wished was real...then I looked on porn hub, and hot damn it is!!!
Bondage Fantasy has it all, everything to get you nice and wet!! It has a cowboy type feel to it, and our favorite tattooed hottie, bondage, squirting, anal, vaginal!

But what has kind of ruined this film for me is reading that Bonnie wasn't having a good time filming this, and that this is the 2nd and last time this dynamic duo will work together since James is foul which is a shame, and kind of makes it a little hard to want to masturbate to this...but fuck what can I say, I can resist! James may or may not be a piece of shit. At first I thought chicks were just hating, trying to ruin his career. But now a female I respect, (not saying i don't respect the others I am sure they are great, I just don't know anything about them) and who has no reason to destroy his image (like his exes may have) is speaking out! Now I know that these allegations have some truth, at the very least he is a disrespectful douche!

Thank goodness this is only my second favorite film. Not my first. my real all time love is a supercult icarus line video, but I can't get it to play on any of my devices, which is a shame! Ain't nothing like it, I love art porn! I need to find some new favorites so it seems! If you know of anything that is artsy porn let me know!!

LUSH life

Lady's I advise that you take a relaxing bath once a week. Play with yourself, savor the smell good, have a drink, light a candle! Love yourself!!! It is so important to do, spending quality time with just you.

Shoot if your tub is large enough take a bath with your partner massage each others backs or feet.
Just savor the moment and enjoy each other!

I have fell in love with LUSH products, they are pricey but so worth it the feeling of calm I get from using a great bath bomb, and the softness I get from the moisturizers in the product, and the amazing smell that it adds to my flesh. I never feel as sexy as I do after a LUSH bath!!

Treat yourself, I recommend it to everyone! Plus who wouldn't want to soak in something with no chemicals that is not only luxurious, but also brightly colored!!

I totally enjoying bringing my partner into the bath with me or bringing my toy to play with myself in the tub, cleaning myself in the process with the essential oil filled water! (probably not great for my ph) After a bath in this because I smell so great I love to go and hop on my hunnys lap and start kissing on him, or just love on myself because I smell so good and my skin is so soft that I can't help but touch myself!!!

So check Lush Cosmetics out, and treat yourself!

JO silicone free hybrid coconut lube

I received all three lubes from JO to do an honest review! These are natural coconut lubricants. They sell as a silicone free hybrid, since it is a fusion of water and coconut oil!
One is original, one is warming, and one is cooling. I personally am not a fan of warming sensations. But if you are, know that these work!! At first they go on normal feeling but as you get going with the friction, the cooling (or warming) starts kicking in!
The texture is so realistic like lady juices only better, because when you rub it together, and you rub and rub it just moisturizes your skin instead of turning all dry and flaky like lady juice. I love the smell I love the texture. I love that it is natural and not sticky or tacky. Now the taste isn't fantastic but it isn't awful either.
Now I never really use silicone lubes because I use silicone toys most of the time, and when having sex with a partner I am a naturally very wet person. But if you need lube during sex you may use a silicone lube since it is water proof for in the shower, and it is long lasting. This will absorb into the skin unlike silicone but it is worth it, putting only natural substance into your body.
This product has easy cleanup, is compatible with every toy, every condom/dental dam, and every opening!
Also if you do love silicone or pure h20 lube, JO makes both!! Check them out!!
This is my go to lube, that I keep right next to my toys. The only time I go for another is when i want to add some flavor to my vulva for my partner in that case i reach for durex, but JO does have h2o flavors which I am looking forward to testing! The only issue i have is the small bottles are hard to squeeze out! But buy a bigger bottle and perhaps that problem won't exist! ;-)

Buy these amazing lubricants from JO
Look at the way it is between my fingers.

and how natural looking it is on my finger!!