Wednesday, May 20, 2015

kegal ball review

These are the third kegal balls I purchased. The first ones I got were recommend for beginners and they were far to big and hard to get out. Really not a work out for my vagina in any way shape or form. So I ordered smaller heavier ones. These are one of those sets.
the only problem I have is if I leave them in me and lay down they roll up in me and if I get dry they get stuck. I had to have my bf fish them out once.
If you want a good set of balls that are not pricey, check these babies out!
Or these pink ones

Also read my review I did for amazon below. The top review is for the silver balls. The bottom is my edenfantasy review of the pink balls. You may prefer the pink ones if you are a beginner, since they are a little larger. But both have similar weight. The silver is 22.4g and the pink is 24.

Review of danity silver balls:

I got this balls awhile ago and I love them, they are the perfect size. Not to big like some. These are actually a challage, really gives my vagina a work out. They are pretty heavy and small so I just use one at a time right now, until I build up my strength. I love that they come with this cute case also. I would recommend these. The only thing I would do different is I would prefer if they had another ball inside of them, like some legal balls, because I enjoy the feeling that produces. But besides that these are perfect. Love them!!!

Review of Maia carrie silicone kegal balls, pink:

Overall, I think these are the perfect weights for building your vaginal floor muscles. They're not so big that they aren't a challenge, they are the perfect size. Also, the weight is perfect they are a challenge to keep in, but not overly heavy that they keep coming out. I think these are great for beginners, I have two kids and I am a beginner and these work great. Only thing I would make different is I would put mini balls within each ball.

Pros: Perfect size and weight. Easy to get in and out. A challenge to hold in, but not overly so.

Cons: I think its a bummer that there is not balls inside the balls.

I first grabbed these balls because of the size, plus it wasn't just plain silver like a lot of the smaller ones. I love the cute pink color. The size and weight also are perfect. They are easy to clean, and the seam isn't real prominent so that's nice.

I have multiple sets of Kegel balls the first two sets I got were suggested by the retail clerk at my local sex shop and they were large,and had a plastic string to pull them out. I had to lube them to put them in and if I dried out it would be painful to take out.
So I felt the need for a smaller ball, I would've liked it better if they had a pull-string, but really its fine without it.

I like to play with myself before putting them in to get some natural lubrication and then also before taking them out. I get myself moist and squeeze them out while also pushing them out with a finger. One inside is perfect; it isn't really hard to keep it in, unless I am real wet. Having two inside at the same time is a real challenge. I really have to use my muscles to keep them in. I have two kids and these are really the perfect size. I've also tried putting one inside during sex just for a different sensation for my man and I. I don't really prefer that though.Overall, I think these are great for their purpose; they are the ones I choose to use. I would prefer if they had a pull-string. Also, if they had balls within the balls it would be nice, because of the sensation that it produces would cause your vagina to contract naturally. But I like these balls and I would recommend them to others! I can't really think of any problems with them, maybe if you have a real weak pelvic floor or a wider vagina, then maybe you would need larger balls. But for the most part I think these would be perfect for almost all newbies!!

affordable butt plug review

I just recieved this product from my sponsor happynhealthy thru amazon. If you want to order from them check them out here
i think this plug is great because you can use it just to keep your finger clean or insert a vibe. Whatever you prefer.
Check out the review I did for them below...

So this thing is cool I love that it has a hole where I could insert a bullet, as for putting in a finger it stretches to accommodate my finger and it suctions around my finger which is good, keeps it on. I have to peal it up at the rim to remove it and break the suction. This is the perfect first butt plug because it is really not much larger then a thumb, so its not to knarley. It is perfect for begginers to anal play. It is actually a nice little finger cover for sticking a finger in someones butt, instead of putting your bare finger in there. I accually love it for that purpose. But if using it as a plug I would recommend adding a bullet to make it a little firmer and also then you have a handle for easy removal. (+ vibrations are always nice in there..especially during vaginal penitration) I recommend using the bullet out of the Trojan multi thrill. (Or ultratouch) It is the perfect size!!! Overall this is a good bullet. Easy cleanup. Completely waterproof. I would use a water based thicker lube with it. Like ID.
This company is great you will get your order quickly in a discreet package!! I recommend ordering from them!! Love it!!!

affordable strong bullet vibe!!

I just got this little toy from my sponsor happynhealthy with amazon. Check them out and maybe get yourself one..

Below I posted my review I did for them....

I just received this product. Not only was it shipped quickly, it also was in a discrete package so others at your home won't know what you ordered! The product also was in a sealed package. This product is affordable but great! It requires only one AAA battery. The vibration is high strength which was a pleaset surprise! I love strong vibrations. The only thing is it only has one setting! Which is fine by me!!! Not only is it a great clitoral vibe, it also has worked great for giving my husband foot massages with it!! He loves it! Its also longer then other bullet massagers so you could use it as a insertable vibrator if you are so inclined. Its hard plastic so its easily whiped cleaned. It seems to seal well, but I don't think its waterproof so I would not want to try using it in the shower. Over all this toy is great though. I love it for stimulating my clot during penitration! And my man has been asking for me to grab it everyday since I got it, to use to massage his sore spots. We love it!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

happy mothers day...

Did u know that this is really a month to celebrate women and our amazing body's. This week is national clitoral awareness. And this month is masturbation month.

So lets worship our bodys. Lets be kind to the wonderful lifegiving vagina we have between are legs, lets celebrate the fact our clitoras is in tact and that we can get such pleasure from it. Lets reward ourselves by takeing a little self time to worship our pussy and bring ourselves pleasure. If u have never touched yourself or if you are shy to then get out a mirror and look at yourself expore, touch, admire, and learn to love your body!!

So first off lets be thankfull that we are the most amazing creatures. We are beautiful, powerfull, strong, badass, givers of life. be proud of yourself and who you are.

And lets be so grateful that we live in a place where we are free from clitoral mutilation.
learn about female circumcision here and this week here. Also learn how you can help right here.

And as for May being masterbation month read how other women do it, and find what works for you!! My goal is to give myself multiple orgasms.

Love yourself!!! Get a mani, a pedi, get your hair done, and a facial. Go get waxed. Soak in a hot tub, go to the hot springs. Do whatever makes you feel beautiful. Then go home get in your silk robe, light some candles, turn on some music, have your partner take the kinds out and just get to some self love/exploration!

remember your beautiful and unique. You are perfect.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

support me!!

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the ultimate questions...does size matter??? is black bigger?

Is bigger really better??? Not necessarily.
I have been with men with very small penises, and yes it may be a bummer. One guy i could barley feel inside me. Another had a nice long dick but it was pencil thin...and personally i like to be filled up with it so it didnt really do it for me. Another older man i was with had a small penis but he really knew how to work it and we had great sex. But yah i do prefer a larger penis. A large one with a owner who knows how to use it. Cuz a big dick with a unexperinced owner can still be a bummer. Also big isnt really better i had a lover whos cock was so big it ripped me and caused me to bleed, like a virgin. It alwadisappointed ave sex with him. But it hurt so good. But the next day it would burn to pee and it just kind of sucked. My current man has a perfect cock it is big...but not painfully so. It can be, somedays its bigger and it hits things in me that kind of hurts. But for the most part his penis is the perfect fit for my pussy, thats really all you need! Really if u think about it, your pussy is only so big (it stretches to accommodate size) You dont need a huge cock to be filled. Really if i came across a man with like a 10inch cock i would run. Scary big isnt sexy. It will rip the side of your mouth to give him head and hurt your jaw. Not to mention sex would be more painful then pleasurable. I am good with a 8 thats perfect and it pleases me.

Now as for black men having bigger cocks, thats a lie made my the media kind of like the one about telling the size of a cock by the mans shoe size...not true. Race doesn't matter. The only thing that makes it seem like black men have bigger cocks is the fact that there penis stays the same size flaccid as it is erect. So people assume they have huge penises. Nope they just dont get smaller. They do have the largest flaccid penises. (So if your a size queen who is into packing then maybe thats the way to go for you.)
White men on the other hand can have a 8inch erect that turns into a 2inch flacid. But just cause its small limp doesnt mean he has a small cock. Acually its the white men that have the average larger cocks. The top 5big penis countys are. 1. Denmark 2. Italy ( we all heard about those italian stallions) 3. Sweden 4. Austrialla 5. Neatherlands. The size average is 7.5 in those countrys. No small dicks there.
The man with the largest cock in the world has a 13.5inch monster in his pants. Jonah Falcon, he is a dorky looking white man.
 So kids dont belive all you hear. Race does not determine size, genes do. If grandpa has a big cock then yah chances are his grandson may to be well endowed. Thats basically all there is to it. Really no way to guess, cause your crush may be black with size 12shoes and come to find out he only has a 5inch cock. So sorry to pop your bubble. The only way to know for sure is to see it, and the only way to know what size you prefer is to test them, try different dildos. But really when it comes down to it, when you fall in love it wont matter if he only has a 4.5 and you prefer 7inches. If u have passion when your makeing love, it wont even matter. But if he is a dissapointing lover then just teach him to eat your pussy and finger fuck you good, so you can cum, and buy a great sex toy, then live happily ever after!!

sex position of the month....spiderweb aka crab walk

Great for...
Long slow intercourse
How does it work?
Start with her sitting facing and astride him. The the woman lies back, followed by the man until each partner's head in between the other's legs. Then each partner can bring their knees up and hold onto the other's legs. Now all you need to do is slow, wiggling movements to keep each other aroused for a long time.
The turn-ons
This is a very lazy, enjoyable popenetratingcan keep you happy for a long time
The turn-offs
There's Not alot of movement which may be boring to some

Benefits: You both can still maintain eye contact while viewing the action at center stage.

Both of you are seated on the bed with legs toward one another, arms back to support yourselves. Now move together and she moves onto you. Her hips will be between your spread legs, her knees bent and feet outside of your hips and flat on the bed. Now rock back and forth.

Now try this: She grabs your hands and pulls herself up into a squatting position while you lie back. Or you can remain seated upright and pull her against your chest into the Lazy Man position.

Hot Tip — His

Help turn her on by straddling her bottom and massaging her back. While your busy with your hands, she can wiggle, grind, and move her mons pubis in a circular motion against the sheets to stimulate the clitoris.

Why I love this position...
Me and my man found ourselves In this position the other day while having one of our crazy savage toss eachother around sex days and we were tired so this was perfect gave us the chance to breathe. Plus this position really feels good the way his cock is bent and rubs on spots it normally does not. I dont know how to explain it ...but i love it. Just rocking back and forth. Plus u have a awesome view of the penis going into your pussy!!