Sunday, August 9, 2015

moon cup massacre 6/16/15

As you may be able to tell from the title my experience with the mooncup was a gorey one. My poor boyfriend was involved and is traumatized from the experience. Here's what went down...
(This picture is a reenactment, the real deal was alot more bloody)

I tracked down the mooncup at a holistic pharmacy and got one!!
The size A which is there larger size, since I am 27 and have kids.
It seemed to be perfect in size. Inserting it was a breeze. Which was a surprise I thought I'd have trouble since there's no plasic applicator for cups. ( I wanna invent one though, that would be neat). I kept it in all day like 12hrs. No problems at all till it became time to remove the sucker. I assumed it would be a sinch since it has that long little steam. But I could not locate it, I tried bareing down, doing kegals, pooping (since that pushes out tampons), squatting one leg up, sitting. I watched youtube videos. I breathed and focused on staying calm and collected. But nothing worked. Finally when I was like fuck guess its gonna have to stay in me forever....I got my lovely vagina expert of a bf to come help me!!! He so deserves a reward/award for this...because really I dont know any other guy who would do this.....
He searched around in there and located the lil devil, pulled it down to wear it could be grabbed somewhat and then tried to leave it to me...well that shit was slippery and I couldnt get it. Not with gloves. Not with toilet paper. So he went in and grabbed it from the base, above the stem and yanked. It came out and blood spattered all over the bathtub floor and walls, my legs, his arm and hand. And it stunk so frickin bad.
He was soo traumatized. I was like aww poor baby do u got p.t.s.d now. Haha. I gave him a bj as a thank you!

Sometimes he is really the best.

As for the menstral cup I cleaned it and put it away.

 In search for one with a tab or finger loop. I may try tying a string around the stem and puling it like a tampon. more reviews to come and updates if use improves on this one!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

menstrual cup from amazon

This is going to be my second go at using a menstral cup, the first time sucked with my bf having to get it out for me. I got this one because it has a flat stem so i can grab it easier also it even has the little shape on the bottom for a easy pull out.but i did tie a string to it this time to see if that helps at all.

So after day one i officially became a menstrual cup fan!! Feels so good to not think I am wasteing money each time I pull it outta me and its not full to the maxx, like I would be thinking with tampons! It feels so good to not have to pay for tampons every month now! I hated buying them, i didnt ask to bleed every month i dont want that, and i have to pay for it to lame!! Well not no more!!
this cup is perfect for me, the walls are less sturdy/hard then the first one I got, so the suction is easier to break! All I have to do is push like I am pooping and this bad boy is down where I can grab it. Which was not the case with that mooncup I have.
The cup did get a odor from the blood after the first use, which sucks. But my pussy is so much cleaner then when i used tampons, i didnt leak at all, so i didnt have to wear a panty liner that causes my skin to get irratated. I even feel like my period was shorter. Also after using tampons for a week my pussy would have a odor for a few days after, not the case with the cup!!! It seriously is the best thing i ever got! I am telling every one i know to make the switch!!!
Wanna know how to use one go here!!
Buy yourself the same one I got right here! on amazon for so cheap!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

wow! g motion vibe. by pipedreams

Insertable 5.5" inches, width 1.4" Made from elite silicone like the other products in the wow! Vibe series. 
It takes 4 AA batterys and the bottom unscrews and they go I
in, side by side like a square. This toy is water proof so it seals up good!
You can purchase this baby here for $109, which is a great deal for such a high quality rabbit vibe!!
My juices on it, cause it works!! 

I have been wanting two different toys a rabbit, and a good g spot toy. My man always gets me to cum doing the come hither finger move and i wanted a toy that could give me that, so this toy is like two in one! It is not my faviorte as a g spot toy, it just doesn't hit as hard as i need it to, as it would if i did it manually, but over all as a rabbit vibe it is great! I do really like this toy though it right now is one of my faviortes to masterbate with before sex to put on a show for my man!! Really it doesnt fit my body as well as i would like, the tips of the ears just barley hit my clit, but everyones bodys are different, so it probably is perfect for smaller girls. I like to just turn on the shaft vibrator and sometimes the g motion setting and go to town!! There are alot of setting to choose from, my faviorte is the one that has three pulses followed by a long stronger pulse.

These are the vibration patterns:
A low, steady vibe
A mid-level, steady vibe
The strongest steady vibe, which is higher mid-level
Slow pulse
Three pulses followed by a longer, stronger pulse
Fast pulse

 The sound isnt so loud with the vibration buttons, but when I turn on the g motion button that is loud. But it is all good I just turn up some music!!! 

I had douched yesterday before using this toy and the second i turned on the g motion button it I guess opened me up enough to let all the water that was sitting in me gush out. I tripped out at first, thinking like no way it got me THAT wet, that quick!! haha
But it does make me wet, my first time testing it when i pulled it out it was covered in my lady juices! I forgot to wash it right away and just sat it aside, a few days later i pulled it out to put on a show for my man and my juices had like turned into a film, i could peel off. I guess it is normal for that to happen on that kind of silicone.

But i do love this toy and i think it is worth the money, its become a regular part of my masterbation sessions.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

sex position of the month....reverse cowgirl

As I am a big fan of filming myself, but my videos dont come out as good as i would like them to because i film them myself. If i had someone else film them thats another stoey i could get some great shots. But since i dont have that luxury available to me i have been doing reseach. I have been watching alot of porn trying to find positions that are good for filming to get the best view of the penitration. What i found was a form of reverse cowgirl but intenified and spiced up by having good athletic ability!!

What I love about this position is it is so frickin sexy to watch yourself. I have a mirror as a headboard and i can watch myself and my bf can prop his head up and watch in the mirror also...or he has a good show anyways if you ride it in a swat.

i also love the ability to change it up, i can be on my knees, doing a squat, or leaning back on one arm. Or i can lay back on my man and let him be in control like in the above picture and no matter what the view is always amazing!!!
you also can rub your clit easily in this position and if you are lucky enough to have a third in bed with you, they can pleasure your clit with there mouth while your fucking!! What could be better???
Great for...hitting your g spot. 
Getting some sexy video footage
How does it work? its not much different from the classic women on top position, just faceing the other way! Your man lies down and you climb on top, you can use his knees, thighs, or ankles to hold onto. Or you can reach behind yourself and balance with one arm on his chest, floor or bed. you can bounce up and down on it on the balls of your feet. Or you can rock your hips back and forth and grind on it. Or let him control the penitration if you get tired.
Turn ons? you can control the speed, angle and movement. Sexy to watch yourself in a mirror.
Turn offs? Not much physical contact.
Difficulty..2/5 this shouldnt be hard, you can tailor it to fit your fitness level!
Fun rateing...5/5 your man will love the view and you will feel like a sexy goddess!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

crush mi amor by pipedream

So I just got this little cutie today in the mail, and I love it to pieces. It came with the 3 batterys it needed and instructions on how to put it in. The only bummer is the plastic sleeve inside cannot be thrown away but its not a big deal not like I have to deal with changing batterys all of the time!
The vibration strength is incredible, there are 10different vibration patterns/strengths.
It is made from abs plastic and elite silicone, which is velvety smooth. My favorite silicone for sure!! I love the large soft button, it is easy to push!
I absolutely love this, it is my fave of all the toys I got to review i have been wanting a clit vibe that is powerful enough to get me going, and this one does it for me!!
I use in all my jack off sessions. I have my little dragon (or another larger insertable) I use vaginally and then I put this little baby on my clit and go to town!! Also it is just the right size to use on your clit during vaginal penetration!!
The crush is 3.75in long, with a diameter of 0.75in
There is a pointy tip so you can pinpoint 
your clit or turn it over to vibrate a larger area!

You can purchase this baby here 
For $26 it is a purchase worth makeing!

Monday, June 22, 2015

I got a package today!! reviews coming!

so today I got this package in the mail, All of them are things I wanted!
The g motion rabbit, a wonder wabbit, crush clitoral vibe, an electroshock wheel. Also I got a real feel suction cup dildo its a little bigger then i was expecting, but ill make it work!!
so keep reading for some awesome reviews!!! :-)

Friday, June 19, 2015

zolo pocket pool masturbation sleeve

The product i am discussing today is the zolo pocket pool masterbation sleeve by Adult brand concepts llc. Its originally  priced at $13 but you can find it for cheaper other places.

I first discovered this product while shopping at romantix with my partner. It was only 5$ and came in a variety of textures. The one that enticed me was the stars! But they had many other choices...
Sure shot-orange-stars
Straight shooter-green-pinwheel
Corner pocket -blue- v's
8ball-red-chain link fence
Rack em-purple-Circles
Susie cue-yellow-triangles/diamonds
The different textures are more impressive then my descriptions of them, so check them out for yourself!!

As for how i feel about the product, neither myself nor my boyfriend are really fans of it. I tried using it as a stroker on him while sucking his balls. And really it doesnt do much for him, he would accually perfer to jack off with some soap on his hand in the shower. (Or of course have sex or a bj) the texture wasnt really able to be felt. Perhaps on a penis with less girth it would feel noticeable. We also tried it for texture while fingering my g spot. My bf wore it inside out on his fingers. Still it didnt do much, except perhaps provide a little cushion so his fingers hit less hard against it. Really the best use I can think of for it is as a resuable condom of sorts for your fingers for while fingering some random female, so that way if your afraid she may have some kind of std your fingers which you may use to touch yourself are for sure safe

Personality i would not buy one again, but for the price it is worth a shot. If your a fan of masterbation sleeves then this may be great for you. But we dont really have a taste for them, so it seems.
The proper use for this item

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Your Body: penis with two peeholes

So like I didnt even think anything about this for the last year, until I made the clone a willy of my mans cock. I mean I saw it every day, multiple times. I love on it. But I never noticed anything odd. Then I did the clone and saw the two holes real prominent and that day I had just looked at dildos on adam and eve and they all had one hole on the head, then I thought well thats odd...maybe I should Google thjs. So I did...

It is called hypospadiasis
 and it is totally something I have heard of before.
but I never even put thought anything of my bfs because it is just glandular.
now any other one of these would probably freak me out just a bit.

According to a article I read, they call it an accessory hole, and Dr. John Monheit says this about it. 
"It is the commonest genital malformation that can happen in an infant. It involves opening of the urethra away from the normal position over the head of the penis. This leads to a hole that has no function as it has no connection with the urethra and another hole that is in abnormal position that forms normal function of urination and ejaculation. This condition is harmless in many individuals with minor hypospadiasis. It is only in people in whom the urethra is located too far behind the head of penis that a surgery is required."

Its really quite normal happening every 1 in 300 baby boys.

One person described it as a divided urethra, where there is a slit which has a flesh "divider" in the middle at the tip, making it two holes to all appearance.

Whatever it is, I love it. My boyfriends penis is beautiful, I love it. This just makes it unique.

ph my pussy


1month and 2weeks ago
So my pussy has had a smell thats a little off. Not horrid..but not normal. Its not a cleanliness issue. Thats what my bf thought, wanted me to stick soap in there. Which i tell him isnt necessary..n then we discussed useing a douche to squirt some h20 with a ph of 4in there. But i have not done that yet. But i did get some represh pils and started eating greek yogart 2days ago. Today i decided i wanted to do a ph check of my pussy. See where its at now and then when it gets normals ph check it again. I thought we had test strips but we are out, but he does have a big electronic tester. Its rectangular so it kind of was painfull looking i was afraid to stick it in. I wanted to just masterbate and collect some fluid and test it like that. But that my man said would not work. So i got my rabbit vibe warmed myself up,and then bent over and my bf stuck inside me. It didnt hurt but it wasnt nice. It was a little bit like going to the obgyn only less pain. My result was not good. My pussy is a 5.3, a normal healthy vag is a 3.8-4.5. I hope that its due to the fact my period is going to start in a few days. since menstrual blood is a ph of 7.4, perhaps my body is just warming up to that time of the month. Or maybe because i have alot of unprotected sex with my bf, maybe his sperm is causeing a unbalance since sperm is a ph of a 7.4-8, that may be throwing my pussy into a phunk, we will see. He is going to start pulling out, and we wilI test and see if there is a change. I also got a menstrual Cup and I plan to stop using tampons and switch to that, because that to is better for my vag, and i am determined to do all that i can to have a healthly tasty vagina!!
So my pussy is out of its phunk!! we never started pulling out, kept having just as much sex, i did start eating yogart, and i was pretty consistant with taking my represh pills. But what everyone says not to do is what bf was right (not about tha soap but about h20) I bought a refillable douche and I started squirting water into myself 2-3times a week like my boyfriend wanted, and guess what?? It worked. There is no stink besides a sweat smell if i have been on the go all day!! i also took a few tea tree oil baths. But its all good. Even my blood doesnt smell as bad! its amazing, dont believe tha lies a little water inside you is good, now my pussy smells like water!! like tha plies song!! And I havnt even felt the urge to stick that ph tester back inside me, because I know I am all good...its not worth the pain.

more info on smelly it normal?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Clone Your Guy Kit. Spencers Gifts

Kit Contains:
  • Molding powder
  • body safe silicone (2jars)
  • Vibrator
  • stir stick
  • molding tube
  • thermometer
How to use:
  1. Get everything you need to start. Measuring cup, mixing bowel, spoon
  2. Get a erection (use cock ring or pump)
  3. place tube beside penis cut to proper size
  4. Get 1 3/4 cup of water from sink, run with thermometer and get it at 98°
  5. Mix with powder (h20 first, then add powder) quickly
  6. option 1: pour into tube and shove cock into it or option 2 (from another bloggers review) put cock in and pour mixture into tube onto your cock.
  7. allow to harden for at least 2min  before pulling penis out
  8. let mold sit for 4hrs or more before adding silicone
  9. mix the 2jars of silicone together in a 8oz (or larger) disposable container
  10. Make sure to stir thoroughly for at least 2min and pour into mold
  11. make sure to pour any excess water out of mold before adding silicone
  12. take a small piece of cardboard 4×4and cut a × into center
  13. push vibrator into × so only screw cap sticks out one end
  14. carefully insert into center of your mold so the cardboard rests flat on rim of tube
  15. let sit for 24hrs at least, touch silicone and make sure it is hard
  16. carefully remove mold, remove cardboard, cut off any bumps
  17. Clean with soap and water
I choose to use a old potato salad container to mix both

My Review/Experience:

So this is going to be my second attempt at cloneing a penis. My first attempt failed, I did it the way that I was told in the instructions, followed it to a T. But my bf at the times penis wasnt hard enough and wasnt able to push into the molding powder, by the time I got it hard the powder had hardened. So today I decided to go about it differently I read in a blog by a guy to cut the end off, and pour the mixing powder into it, onto my mans penis. So that is what we did. It worked out except my man got upset over some of it coming out the top from me pouring to fast. He acted as though it was ruined and just to throw it out (perhaps because he lost an erection, but I told him nope I want to put the silicone in and see what I get. So I added the black lid to the open end and sat it to harden.
This is the mold right now, it has a hole from where skin touched the side

so far I feel like the mold itself looks good, I looked in under good light and it totally has the head/pee hole looking perfect...hopefully the side looks as good. I ended up letting it sit for 6-7hrs instead of 2-4hrs just to be on the safe side...but then read that it may cause shrinkage to over dry it, so then i panicked and got to silicone mixing!!!! 
I wanted it to be a dildo not a vibrator, and i was hoping i would have enough but i did not. I had about 3/4inch of space left without silicone and i scraped it all out of the jars and mixing bowel. So then i was left with the choice, make my boyfriends penis a little shorter then it really is....or add the vibrator and risk messing it up and having vibe pokeing out the side (read of that happening). I chose the later.
I would have prefered to use a stronger strength vibe, or a egg even. I really would have loved to use one of those eggs with the wire that attaches to a remote i would have put it down in the head or in the middle and then only a wire would be coming out of my clone instead of a screw top. Next time i do this i am going to get an egg to try putting in it!!! I know if I try again (third times a charm) it will be perfection!!! I already anticipate some errors in my mold, because of the holes in my mold silicone got in the side of the tube, so I am going to have to cut that deformity off when its done setting, but I am praying that it works out the way I am thinking in my head. We will see. No matter, i will want to try this again!!!
So today I got to finally open it, i waited 36hrs instead of 24hrs i was nervous that it wouldnt come out because i had read about so many peoples bad experiences trying to make theres. But i was blessed. Even my silly fear of the silicone on the side of the tube making a mess was just that, a silly fear! It came out perfect and easily!!! The mold did rip apart in the removal because i was trying to be careful and not harm the dildo!!
the mold ripped from the removal! 

Here are pictures of my perfect clone a willy!!

It looks so frickin good. I am proud of it!! I feel like a artist!! I just had to trim some bumps off it with mini scissors and wash it and then it was ready to take for a test drive!!
It isnt as large as my boyfriend is normally its like a semihard one, but it mesures a little over 6inches insertable length. The vibrations are accually able to be felt but mild. But it is nice. This penis is firm like a really hard cock. There is no rubber smell. Its really great and feels amazing.
my boyfriend loves that it is a mold of his penis he is amazed at how good it came out!!! 
we love it!!!!

also this is my fave review slutty girl problems, clone a willy review 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Climax Minis Mighty Max Mini Massager  Topco sales

So this little guy is totally affordable, my friend got it at only $11 on sale.
i was able to test it out for her, well she used it on me while we were messing around, but whatever. I love it, I accually plan to go purchase one for myself.  It is perfect for during sex because it is small enough to hold between eachother on ur clit! The tip is soft TPR and flexable. It has multi speeds, but being a powertool lover i prefer it on the highest setting. Its not as stong as i would have made it if i was the creator, but it does its job and it does it it well.

It is easy to control the settings with your thumb. It is bascially silent. It is phthalate free. Easy to clean. I love this little toy and i reccomend it, if you would like to get one for yourself check it out here at dejavu love boutique! Hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

sex position if the month....the cat!!

.This is my favorite, my man just did it one day while his dick was semihard. After I made a comment about rubbing against my clit feeling oh so good. & he is able to hit things in me that feel sooo good. Only problem is I let him do it for so long that I start to get rubbed raw and the next day everything will hurt. Walking, showering, having my pussy licked. I just need to stop him before that happens. Or have him shave. Idk because i love this and as faras I am concerned the few hours of pain is worth the 30min of back clawing, neck biteing pleasure I get from this position.

If tthis isnt enough to sell you on this, check this out a whole website dedicated to this position. If thats not enough to prove its tha best, I dont know what is!!

Most women can’t climax without clitoral stimulation, and That Cat position totally solves that dilemma. The Coital Alignment Technique (The Cat) is a variation ofmissionary that directly stimulates the clitoris, giving this traditionally bland position a big boost of pleasure. Women only have a few nerve endings in their vaginas, and usually they are located within the first two inches. (Imagine how much more child birth would hurt if the vagina was jam-packed with feeling!) So, for many women, intercourse alone is simply not enough to orgasm. But, with positions designed specifically for clitoral stimulation, sex becomes an orgasmic treat rather than just going through the motions. Certainly better than missionary, we’re willing to bet that The Cat is one of the best hands-free, clitoral pleasure positions out there.

How to Do It
First, get into missionary position. Lay back on the bed with your legs spread slightly, and him in between your knees. In traditional missionary, your partner will be supporting himself on his hands, with his upper body raised and his pelvis facing forward. This is the perfect position to start with for penetration… but we’ll soon transform into a slightly altered stance to get into the Cat.

To get into the Cat, have your partner rest on his forearms, elbows, thighs, and upper knees, slightly laying on your body as he evenly distributes his weight and relaxes his muscles. He should maintain as much body contact with you as is comfortable and possible, without crushing you. Without losing contact (externally or internally), he should slide his body upwards toward your head and body, with your jaw just resting on his shoulder, aligning his pelvis with yours, and keeping his hips at a downward angle so that base of his penis rubs against your clitoris.

After you’ve achieved the right angle, it’s time to get this position pumping. Well, not actually pumping… since the key to this position isslow, sensual, soft, and subtle rocking motions rather than thrusts. It may seem a bit awkward at first, but I promise… with a little practice, this technique is totally worthwhile. With delicate and controlled movements, rocking up and down rather than back and forth, you should be able to feel his shaft rub against your clitoris, providing the pleasure you need to reach a strong sex-fueled orgasm. His penis will not be totally inside you, as much of it should be facing downward pressing up against your clitoris… but try to keep at least he tip inside while you sync your own hip rocking together with his, and give the first two inches of your vagina a bit of a ride, too. Repeat this rock and ride motion, gently pushing your pelvises and hips together, moving in sync, as you maintain constant pleasure and stimulation. Soon, you’ll find the perfect groove to enjoy the sensations together.

For max stimulation of your clitoris, the key is to tilt your own hips slightly upward to meet his, and keeps your legs as straight and close as possible, or even wrapped around his, to make sure your clitoris is stimulated with as pin-point precision as possible. If you go all spread eagle, your hips won’t be able to arch up in the same way, and you’ll lose the additional sensation of his pelvis and penis pushing your vaginal lips onto your clitoris… the ultimate pleasure push.

Remember, since this position focuses on slow, subtle rocking motions, your man won’t be getting the deep penetration he craves. Often, the Cat is perfect for getting your clitoral orgasm first, then he may need to switch to a position with more thrust and power after. Even so, your orgasm is totally important (if not the most important) so go for it, girl! Make the most out of the sexy time you have together, and promise to return the favor after he brings you back from the moon.

Make It Hotter
While in this position, your legs are supposed to stay straight against the bed. However, you can gently wrap your legs around his, giving you the leverage to rock your hips with him and get some additional closeness and sensation. If he pushes gently downward while you lightly thrust your hips upward, keeping yourselves in sync, the higher angle that he gets to put more pressure on your clitoris will leave you seeing stars.

Since his hands are free to roam around, he can even bend them slightly inward to play with your breasts, nipples, or collar line… and your hands, as in missionary, are totally free to roam and explore him. For an even closer feeling, he can wrap his hands around your back and pull your body into his, running his hands along you, kissing your neck, and getting an intimate, tantric experience.

When to Use It
Forget about the “Fast and Furious” sex that porn stars show us is the norm. This position requires patience, practice, and a change in your mindset. Instead of rushing to climax, The Cat focuses on slow, subtle movements that build up to the big O. It begins with slow repetitive movements that only move to steadyonce you’ve nearly reached your peak.

This position may be a bit frustrating for him (or both of you) at first, as it requires a slow and steady rocking that leads up gently to a powerful orgasm. So, this position would be best suited for romantic sex with a regular partner, tantric spiritual sex, and marathonsrather than quickies. However, given the focus on clitoral stimulation rather than the g-spot, it doesn’t matter whether he has a small or large penis. Whatever his size, your clit will be in heaven, proving that it’s truly the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat. However, if he’s on the smaller side, he may have a bit of trouble staying in, and no luck of deeper penetration… but this position is about your pleasure anyway, so let him know that you’ll reciprocate the favor later.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

kegal ball review

These are the third kegal balls I purchased. The first ones I got were recommend for beginners and they were far to big and hard to get out. Really not a work out for my vagina in any way shape or form. So I ordered smaller heavier ones. These are one of those sets.
the only problem I have is if I leave them in me and lay down they roll up in me and if I get dry they get stuck. I had to have my bf fish them out once.
If you want a good set of balls that are not pricey, check these babies out!
Or these pink ones

Also read my review I did for amazon below. The top review is for the silver balls. The bottom is my edenfantasy review of the pink balls. You may prefer the pink ones if you are a beginner, since they are a little larger. But both have similar weight. The silver is 22.4g and the pink is 24.

Review of danity silver balls:

I got this balls awhile ago and I love them, they are the perfect size. Not to big like some. These are actually a challage, really gives my vagina a work out. They are pretty heavy and small so I just use one at a time right now, until I build up my strength. I love that they come with this cute case also. I would recommend these. The only thing I would do different is I would prefer if they had another ball inside of them, like some legal balls, because I enjoy the feeling that produces. But besides that these are perfect. Love them!!!

Review of Maia carrie silicone kegal balls, pink:

Overall, I think these are the perfect weights for building your vaginal floor muscles. They're not so big that they aren't a challenge, they are the perfect size. Also, the weight is perfect they are a challenge to keep in, but not overly heavy that they keep coming out. I think these are great for beginners, I have two kids and I am a beginner and these work great. Only thing I would make different is I would put mini balls within each ball.

Pros: Perfect size and weight. Easy to get in and out. A challenge to hold in, but not overly so.

Cons: I think its a bummer that there is not balls inside the balls.

I first grabbed these balls because of the size, plus it wasn't just plain silver like a lot of the smaller ones. I love the cute pink color. The size and weight also are perfect. They are easy to clean, and the seam isn't real prominent so that's nice.

I have multiple sets of Kegel balls the first two sets I got were suggested by the retail clerk at my local sex shop and they were large,and had a plastic string to pull them out. I had to lube them to put them in and if I dried out it would be painful to take out.
So I felt the need for a smaller ball, I would've liked it better if they had a pull-string, but really its fine without it.

I like to play with myself before putting them in to get some natural lubrication and then also before taking them out. I get myself moist and squeeze them out while also pushing them out with a finger. One inside is perfect; it isn't really hard to keep it in, unless I am real wet. Having two inside at the same time is a real challenge. I really have to use my muscles to keep them in. I have two kids and these are really the perfect size. I've also tried putting one inside during sex just for a different sensation for my man and I. I don't really prefer that though.Overall, I think these are great for their purpose; they are the ones I choose to use. I would prefer if they had a pull-string. Also, if they had balls within the balls it would be nice, because of the sensation that it produces would cause your vagina to contract naturally. But I like these balls and I would recommend them to others! I can't really think of any problems with them, maybe if you have a real weak pelvic floor or a wider vagina, then maybe you would need larger balls. But for the most part I think these would be perfect for almost all newbies!!

affordable butt plug review

I just recieved this product from my sponsor happynhealthy thru amazon. If you want to order from them check them out here
i think this plug is great because you can use it just to keep your finger clean or insert a vibe. Whatever you prefer.
Check out the review I did for them below...

So this thing is cool I love that it has a hole where I could insert a bullet, as for putting in a finger it stretches to accommodate my finger and it suctions around my finger which is good, keeps it on. I have to peal it up at the rim to remove it and break the suction. This is the perfect first butt plug because it is really not much larger then a thumb, so its not to knarley. It is perfect for begginers to anal play. It is actually a nice little finger cover for sticking a finger in someones butt, instead of putting your bare finger in there. I accually love it for that purpose. But if using it as a plug I would recommend adding a bullet to make it a little firmer and also then you have a handle for easy removal. (+ vibrations are always nice in there..especially during vaginal penitration) I recommend using the bullet out of the Trojan multi thrill. (Or ultratouch) It is the perfect size!!! Overall this is a good bullet. Easy cleanup. Completely waterproof. I would use a water based thicker lube with it. Like ID.
This company is great you will get your order quickly in a discreet package!! I recommend ordering from them!! Love it!!!

affordable strong bullet vibe!!

I just got this little toy from my sponsor happynhealthy with amazon. Check them out and maybe get yourself one..

Below I posted my review I did for them....

I just received this product. Not only was it shipped quickly, it also was in a discrete package so others at your home won't know what you ordered! The product also was in a sealed package. This product is affordable but great! It requires only one AAA battery. The vibration is high strength which was a pleaset surprise! I love strong vibrations. The only thing is it only has one setting! Which is fine by me!!! Not only is it a great clitoral vibe, it also has worked great for giving my husband foot massages with it!! He loves it! Its also longer then other bullet massagers so you could use it as a insertable vibrator if you are so inclined. Its hard plastic so its easily whiped cleaned. It seems to seal well, but I don't think its waterproof so I would not want to try using it in the shower. Over all this toy is great though. I love it for stimulating my clot during penitration! And my man has been asking for me to grab it everyday since I got it, to use to massage his sore spots. We love it!!!

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happy mothers day...

Did u know that this is really a month to celebrate women and our amazing body's. This week is national clitoral awareness. And this month is masturbation month.

So lets worship our bodys. Lets be kind to the wonderful lifegiving vagina we have between are legs, lets celebrate the fact our clitoras is in tact and that we can get such pleasure from it. Lets reward ourselves by takeing a little self time to worship our pussy and bring ourselves pleasure. If u have never touched yourself or if you are shy to then get out a mirror and look at yourself expore, touch, admire, and learn to love your body!!

So first off lets be thankfull that we are the most amazing creatures. We are beautiful, powerfull, strong, badass, givers of life. be proud of yourself and who you are.

And lets be so grateful that we live in a place where we are free from clitoral mutilation.
learn about female circumcision here and this week here. Also learn how you can help right here.

And as for May being masterbation month read how other women do it, and find what works for you!! My goal is to give myself multiple orgasms.

Love yourself!!! Get a mani, a pedi, get your hair done, and a facial. Go get waxed. Soak in a hot tub, go to the hot springs. Do whatever makes you feel beautiful. Then go home get in your silk robe, light some candles, turn on some music, have your partner take the kinds out and just get to some self love/exploration!

remember your beautiful and unique. You are perfect.

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support me!!

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the ultimate questions...does size matter??? is black bigger?

Is bigger really better??? Not necessarily.
I have been with men with very small penises, and yes it may be a bummer. One guy i could barley feel inside me. Another had a nice long dick but it was pencil thin...and personally i like to be filled up with it so it didnt really do it for me. Another older man i was with had a small penis but he really knew how to work it and we had great sex. But yah i do prefer a larger penis. A large one with a owner who knows how to use it. Cuz a big dick with a unexperinced owner can still be a bummer. Also big isnt really better i had a lover whos cock was so big it ripped me and caused me to bleed, like a virgin. It alwadisappointed ave sex with him. But it hurt so good. But the next day it would burn to pee and it just kind of sucked. My current man has a perfect cock it is big...but not painfully so. It can be, somedays its bigger and it hits things in me that kind of hurts. But for the most part his penis is the perfect fit for my pussy, thats really all you need! Really if u think about it, your pussy is only so big (it stretches to accommodate size) You dont need a huge cock to be filled. Really if i came across a man with like a 10inch cock i would run. Scary big isnt sexy. It will rip the side of your mouth to give him head and hurt your jaw. Not to mention sex would be more painful then pleasurable. I am good with a 8 thats perfect and it pleases me.

Now as for black men having bigger cocks, thats a lie made my the media kind of like the one about telling the size of a cock by the mans shoe size...not true. Race doesn't matter. The only thing that makes it seem like black men have bigger cocks is the fact that there penis stays the same size flaccid as it is erect. So people assume they have huge penises. Nope they just dont get smaller. They do have the largest flaccid penises. (So if your a size queen who is into packing then maybe thats the way to go for you.)
White men on the other hand can have a 8inch erect that turns into a 2inch flacid. But just cause its small limp doesnt mean he has a small cock. Acually its the white men that have the average larger cocks. The top 5big penis countys are. 1. Denmark 2. Italy ( we all heard about those italian stallions) 3. Sweden 4. Austrialla 5. Neatherlands. The size average is 7.5 in those countrys. No small dicks there.
The man with the largest cock in the world has a 13.5inch monster in his pants. Jonah Falcon, he is a dorky looking white man.
 So kids dont belive all you hear. Race does not determine size, genes do. If grandpa has a big cock then yah chances are his grandson may to be well endowed. Thats basically all there is to it. Really no way to guess, cause your crush may be black with size 12shoes and come to find out he only has a 5inch cock. So sorry to pop your bubble. The only way to know for sure is to see it, and the only way to know what size you prefer is to test them, try different dildos. But really when it comes down to it, when you fall in love it wont matter if he only has a 4.5 and you prefer 7inches. If u have passion when your makeing love, it wont even matter. But if he is a dissapointing lover then just teach him to eat your pussy and finger fuck you good, so you can cum, and buy a great sex toy, then live happily ever after!!

sex position of the month....spiderweb aka crab walk

Great for...
Long slow intercourse
How does it work?
Start with her sitting facing and astride him. The the woman lies back, followed by the man until each partner's head in between the other's legs. Then each partner can bring their knees up and hold onto the other's legs. Now all you need to do is slow, wiggling movements to keep each other aroused for a long time.
The turn-ons
This is a very lazy, enjoyable popenetratingcan keep you happy for a long time
The turn-offs
There's Not alot of movement which may be boring to some

Benefits: You both can still maintain eye contact while viewing the action at center stage.

Both of you are seated on the bed with legs toward one another, arms back to support yourselves. Now move together and she moves onto you. Her hips will be between your spread legs, her knees bent and feet outside of your hips and flat on the bed. Now rock back and forth.

Now try this: She grabs your hands and pulls herself up into a squatting position while you lie back. Or you can remain seated upright and pull her against your chest into the Lazy Man position.

Hot Tip — His

Help turn her on by straddling her bottom and massaging her back. While your busy with your hands, she can wiggle, grind, and move her mons pubis in a circular motion against the sheets to stimulate the clitoris.

Why I love this position...
Me and my man found ourselves In this position the other day while having one of our crazy savage toss eachother around sex days and we were tired so this was perfect gave us the chance to breathe. Plus this position really feels good the way his cock is bent and rubs on spots it normally does not. I dont know how to explain it ...but i love it. Just rocking back and forth. Plus u have a awesome view of the penis going into your pussy!!

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how to eat pussy

Hey, I have a lot of respect for all you guys who like to eat pussy because there are too few of you out there. And I’m not the only woman who says this. Furthermore, some of you guys who are giving it the old college try are not doing too well, so maybe this little lesson will help you out.

When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she’s found a treasure she’s not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. She won’t even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in town. So, remember, most guys can fuck, and those who can usually do it satisfactorily, but the guy who gives good head, he’s got it made.

The Pussy-Licking-Guide for evolved people in 15 magical steps

#1: Tell her she is beautiful and mean it.

Most women are shy about their bodies. Even if you’ve got the world’s most gorgeous woman in bed with you, she’s going to worry about how you like her body. Tell her it’s beautiful, tell her which parts you like best, tell her anything, but get her to trust you enough to let you down between her legs.

#2 Stop and appreciate her unique flower

Now stop and look at what you see. Beautiful, isn’t it? There is nothing that makes a woman more unique than her pussy. I know. I’ve seen plenty of them. They come in all different sizes, colors and shapes; some are tucked inside like a little girl’s cunnie and some have thick luscious lips that come out to greet you. Some are nested in brushes of fur and others are covered with transparent fuzz. Appreciate your woman’s unique qualities and tell her what makes her special.

#3 Women are more verbal: Talk to her beautiful pussy

Women are a good deal more verbal than men, especially during love-making. They also respond more to verbal love, which means, the more you talk to her, the easier it will be to get her off. So all the time you’re petting and stroking her beautiful pussy, talk to her about it.

#4 Lick her outer lips, inner lips and find her clit

Now look at it again. Gently pull the lips apart and look at her inner lips, even lick them if you want to. Now spread the tops of her pussy up until you can find her clit. Women have clits in all different sizes, just like you guys have different sized cocks. It doesn’t mean a thing as far as her capacity for orgasm. All it means is more of her is hidden underneath her foreskin.

#5 Whenever you touch a woman’s pussy, make sure your finger is wet

Whenever you touch a woman’s pussy, make sure your finger is wet. You can lick it or moisten it with juices from inside her. Be sure, by all means, to wet it before you touch her clit because it doesn’t have any juices of it’s own and it’s extremely sensitive. Your finger will stick to it if it’s dry and that hurts. But you don’t want to touch her clit anyway. You have to work up to that. Before she becomes aroused, her clit is too delicate to be handled.

#6 Tease her & approach her pussy slowly

Approach her pussy slowly. Women, even more so than men, love to be teased. The inner part of her thigh is her most tender spot. Lick it, kiss it, make designs on it with the tip of your tongue. Come dangerously close to her pussy, then float away. Make her anticipate it.

#7 Play with her

Now lick the crease where her leg joins her pussy. Nuzzle your face into her bush. Brush your lips over her slit without pressing down on it to further excite her. After you’ve done this to the point where your lady is bucking up from her seat and she’s straining to get more of you closer to her, then put your lips right on top of her slit.

#8 Kiss her, gently, then harder

Kiss her, gently, then harder. Now use your tongue to separate her pussy lips and when she opens up, run your tongue up and down between the layers of pussy flesh. Gently spread her legs more with your hands. Everything you do with a woman you’re about to eat must be done gently.

#9 Tongue-fuck her

Tongue-fuck her. This feels divine. It also teases the hell out of her because by now she wants some attention given to her clit. Check it out. See if her clit has gotten hard enough to peek out of it’s covering. If so, lick it. If you can’t see it, it might still be waiting for you underneath. So bring your tongue up the top of her slit and feel for her clit. You may barely experience it’s presence. But even if you can’t feel the tiny pearl, you can make it rise by licking the skin that covers it. Lick hard now and press into her skin.

#10 Work her tip of the iceberg

Gently pull the pussy lips away and flick your tongue against the clit, hood covered or not. Do this quickly. This should cause her legs to shudder. When you sense she’s getting up there toward orgasm, make your lips into an O and take the clit into your mouth.

Start to suck gently and watch your lady’s face for her reaction. If she can handle it, begin to suck harder. If she digs it, suck even harder. Go with her. If she lifts her pelvis into the air with the tension of her rising orgasm, move with her, don’t fight her. Hang on, and keep your hot mouth on her clit. Don’t let go. That’s what she’ll be saying too: ‘Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop!’There’s a reason for that, most men stop too soon. Just like with cock sucking, this is something worth learning about and worth learning to do well. I know a man who’s a lousy fuck, simply lousy, but he can eat pussy like nobody I know and he never has trouble getting a date. Girls are falling all over him.#11 Finger-fuck her with TWO fingers

But back to your pussy eating session…There’s another thing you can do to intensify your woman’s pleasure. You can finger-fuck her while she’s enjoying your clit-licking talents. Before, during or after. She’ll really like it. In addition to the erogenous zones surrounding her clit, a woman has another extremely sensitive area at the roof of her vagina. This is what you rub up against when you’re fucking her. Well, since your cock is pretty far away from your mouth, your fingers will have to do the fucking.

Take two fingers. One is too skinny and three is too wide and therefore can’t get deep enough. Make sure they’re wet so you don’t irritate her skin. Slide them inside, slowly at first, then a little faster. Fuck her with them rhythmically. Speed up only when she does. Listen to her breathing.She’ll let you know what to do. If you’re sucking her clit and finger-fucking her at the same time, you’re giving her far more stimulation than you would be giving her with your cock alone. So you can count on it that she’s getting high on this. If there’s any doubt, check her out for symptoms.#12 Get to know her orgasmic symptoms to become even better

Each woman is unique.

You may have one who’s nipples get hard when she’s excitedYour girl might flush red orbegin to tremble.

Get to know her symptoms and you’ll be a more sensitive lover.

#13 Don’t let go of her clit when she starts to orgasm – The Multi-Orgasmic Woman

When she starts to have an orgasm, for heaven’s sakes, don’t let go of that clit. Hang in there for the duration. When she starts to come down from the first orgasm, press your tongue along the underside of the clit, leaving your lips covering the top. Move your tongue in and out of her cunt. If your fingers are inside, move them a little too, gently though, things are extremely sensitive just now.

If you play your cards right, you’ll get some multiple orgasms this way. A woman stays excited for a full hour after she’s had an orgasm. Do you realize the full impact of that information? The potential? One woman was clocked at 56 orgasms at one sitting. Do you know what effect you would have on a woman you gave 56 orgasms to? She’d be yours as long as you wanted her.#14 The cherry on the cake

Some women like to have their man rub and enter their anal section with their finger while they are being eaten out!

#15 After the orgasmic wave: Keep making love to her quietly

The last advice I have for you is this:

After you’ve made her come, made her your slave by giving her the best head she’s ever had, don’t leave her alone just yet. Talk to her, stroke her body, caress her breasts. Keep making love to her quietly until she’s come all the way down. A man can get off and go to sleep in the same breath and feel no remorse, no sense of loss. But a woman by nature requires some sensitivity from her lover in those first few moments after sex.

Oral sex can be the most exciting sexual experiences you can have. But it’s what you make it. Take your time, practice often, pay attention to your lover’s signals, and most of all, enjoy yourself.

Now get to it and make your partner smile and love you forever!

how to have lesbian sex for the first time

Remember That All Vaginas Are Different

And different vaginas like different things, which is why it’s hard for us to give you any across-the-board advice. It doesn’t actually matter if you’ve gone down on zero vaginas or 103 — when you’re going down on someone for the first time, it’s as if you’ve never gone down on anyone before. Everyone likes totally different sensations in bed, so everyone starts from the beginning when faced with a new vagina. Your inexperience here is a complete non-issue in terms of skill. (The only rule you need to know ahead of time is to be careful about where your teeth end up!) Sure, people take some tips and tricks with them from partner to partner, but in the end communication will win.

Talk About It

Mouths aren’t just for oral sex! They’re for talking, too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying things like:

“Just FYI, I’ve never gone down on a vagina before.”“I’m nervous because the only thing I’ve ever licked consistently is a tootsie pop. But I’m really into doing this with you.”“I feel scared that you’re not gonna like what I do going down on you, so just grab my hair and put me in the right spot if I’m not there already!”

Be clear with your partner that you’re totally into feedback in the moment. As in, “a little to the left,” “harder” or “keep doing that.” Remember: harder is not always better. It depends entirely on the person, but don’t assume that hard and fast always wins the race ’til you hear it from your partner.

For the vagina-havers who are receiving this great oral sex — I hear a lot of people feel weird about giving feedback because they think they’re being selfish or making sex too much about them. First: your body is involved. This sex is partially about you. Second, feedback is about your partner, not just about you. Feedback makes people feel comfortable while they’ve got their mouth on your vulva. Tell them when they’ve hit the spot, or if they’re being too soft or too hard with you. It’s not just about you getting what you want — it’s about your partner getting what they want, too.

Most of the time, my advice revolves around communication. But I do recognize that sometimes practical tips need to exist, because confidence. It’s easier to begin a road trip with a map, even if someone’s going to give you a few directions as you go. So, here are just a few tips and tricks:

Use Your Whole Mouth…

It’s fun to tease your partner by lightly flicking the tip of your tongue over the whole area, just barely tickling her clit and tracing both sides of her vagina, to get warmed up (or to take an intensity break). But there’s a lot more to our mouths than the tip of the tongue! Your tongue is three dimensional and has many different surfaces. You can lightly suck on things. You’ve got lips, too! Why should you use your whole mouth, you ask?

many vaginas look like this (via The Wikimedia Commons)

The clitoris is more than just the visible part we think of as “the button.” The darker pink bits in the above picture are the internal parts of the clitoris, and they also respond to sensation. Using just the tip of your tongue isn’t going to reach all that wonderful goodness — show the rest of that structure some love! Keep in mind that even things that aren’t part of the clitoris can be pleasurable for your hookup/partner/person.

Try a bunch of different tactics: flatten your tongue and lick the whole area (like an ice cream cone!), give hard pressure with your tongue, suck on the clitoris (or suck on the clitoral hood while flicking your tongue against the clit), press against different parts of the vulva with your lips or go in circles around the clit with your tongue. You can also tease the vaginal opening with your tongue, or get really wild and dip your tongue all the way in.

Sometimes there’s a knee-jerk tendency to respond to omg-I’m-about-to-come noises by starting to do what you were doing harder and faster. She’s excited and gripping your hand, you’re excited and gripping her thigh, and naturally you keep upping the ante as excitement builds. Every person is different, of course, but in general the best thing to do is exactly what you were doing to get your partner “almost there” in the first place, instead of switching or going faster/harder — which actually requires a lot of concentration and focus. Like pretty much all of your concentration and focus.

…Unless Your Hookup Wants Something Specific

Experimentation is super fun, and experimenting with different sensations and different parts of your mouth is part of the awesome. But, as you’ve already told your hookup/partner/person that you want feedback in the moment, be sure to listen to that feedback. It can sometimes be hard to pull away from something you’re trying, but unless teasing is part of the game, remember to focus on the bits that feel good to that particular vagina.

Are We Supposed to Make Noises?

There is no “supposed to” in the bedroom department, and this is no different. But “they” say that making noises like you’re eating a delicious ice cream sundae (i.e., humming) can feel sensational for the vulva that you’re sexing up. Like anything else, it works for some people and not for others. Unless your hookup/partner/person asks for something different, I usually default to my acting training here. And no, that doesn’t mean “pretend to make porn noises.” It actually means that there’s no need to react in any way you wouldn’t normally react. If you’re going to make noises, they should be your truth noises — the ones you really really want to make in the moment, or the ones you can’t keep in. Making a noise like you’re eating the best damn sandwich in the world just because you want them to know you’re having fun, though, might ring false to your hookup/partner/person.

Pillows: They Help

I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden I got old enough that my neck hurts when I put it in strange positions. Such as that my neck winds up in during vagina-style oral sex. I resisted the aid of pillows for a while, thinking it would be unsexy to ask people to lift their butts up so I could put a pillow underneath them before going to town. What is less sexy, though, is ceasing mouth-to-vulva contact because you have the equivalent of a charlie horse in your neck. If you’re doing things traditionally, sliding a pillow under the receiver’s bum is a great way to raise their hips up so that you don’t have to gumby into bizarre positions. If you’re going with a less traditional position, apply that same ingenuity to other objects in the room. Using pillows or furniture to get the perfect position is a great way to go. Or you can have them sit on your face if your neck gets tired.

Turn Your Oral Presentation Into A Multimedia One

With your partner/hookup/person’s permission, you don’t have to do ONLY ORAL SEX. There are all sorts of other things you can do while you are orally sexing — fingers in the vaginal opening, fingers in the anus, butt plug, g-spot vibrator, nipple pinching and outer-thigh slapping.

I bet if I challenge y’all to think of  stuff that pairs with oral sex like wine pairs with a good meal, y’all can come up with at least 50 things to do while your tongue/mouth is doing its thang. In fact yes, I do challenge you to do that. What are 50 other things you can do in bed while your mouth is on a vulva? Go.

But What If It’s That Time of the Month?

I advocate for an enthusiasm much like the following:

Bodily fluids are bodily fluids, and if you’re fluid bonded and STI tested, period fluid is absolutely fine to get all over your mouth and face. If you are not fluid bonded and STI tested, please consider making your sex safer by using dental dams and gloves regardless of the time of the month. And if the person you intend to go down on says she does not want to because she’s on her period, that’s okay too. Just assure this lovely human that you’re totally cool with it, either way. Some people just don’t feel sexy on their periods, and I recommend watching a Netflix marathon with a cute hot water bottle until a sexier time comes around.

Remember: The Person Giving Oral Sex Should Like It Too

You are also having sex here. Which means you get to have a (rol)licking good time as well. If your hookup/partner/person is unsure of what they want or down for exploring or says something to the effect of  “if your mouth is on my vulva, I’m having a good time,” then figure out what feels good on your mouth. That’s as good a way as any way to figure out new ways to interact with a vulva — perhaps you really like the way lightly sucking the clit feels? Cool, do that! If your partner says that’s not their thing, do another thing that feels good on your mouth. As it was written in the Autostraddle guide toHaving Lesbian Sex for the First Time, “your body was born knowing how to have sex like it knows how to eat and knows how to walk.” You might find if you stop thinking so hard, a lot of this could come naturally!

So go forth, reader, and put your mouth on a vulva. Don’t let anxiety hold you back — you’re gonna do just fine.


different lube...what are they good for?!?

1. Water-Based Lubricant: The most common, the easiest to wash off, and the most sex toy-friendly. Water based lubes are best used with silicone or jelly toys, so most vibrators, dildos, and yes, fleshlights. It is also condom-friendly, if you are planning on using a condom over your sex toy. Water-based lube is most often body-friendly, but try and score one that is glycerin-free (just in case your inner bits are sensitive to it). Also, if you are into, you know, earthy awesomeness, there are vegan/earth-friendly/natural lubes that fall underneath this category.

2. Silicone-Based Lubricants: If you like taking your sex toys to the shower, silicone lube is the way to go. Silicone lube is water-resistant, though harder to clean. It requires a longer, soapier cleaning and, it can only be used with certain toys. No silicone lube on a silicone or jelly toy, and definitely no condoms – it’s the quickest way to degrade your sex toy or your latex. Did you know that silicone bonds to silicone? This happens because it is made out of microscopic glass balls. This causes the silicone to break down, causing a gummy breeding ground for bacteria. Of course, there are a few compatible silicone lubes that can go with certain grade silicone toys, like some of these bad boys.

3. Oil-Based Lubricant: Oil is tricky because anything petroleum based should really only be used for external masturbation or strictly anal play only. These lubes should be used with non-jelly, non-plastic, non-silicone toys (so basically stainless steel), and it definitely shouldn’t be used with latex. If you thought silicone broke things down, oil will blow your mind by basically eating through your toys AND on top of that, it messes up the pH of your lovely vagina, causing an environment that is ripe for bacterial infection. Seriously, oil-based lube is the ideal lube for anal play with a stainless steel toy.

keeping ur sex toys clean...

1. Silicone Toys: (Non-porous) God bless, silicone toys are like the Honda of the sex toy world. Clean up is usually nothing more than a quick wash with a mild, fragrance-free soap in lukewarm water. Pat dry with a towel, and storeBjorn sans batteries if they have them. A few camps argue that you can boil silicone sex toys on a low boil for ten minutes, but since most come with batteries and boiling is also argued to break down silicone, I say stick with a wash.

2. Jelly Toys: (Porous) Compared to their silicone sisters, jelly toys are a bit more problematic and require a thorough cleaning, mostly due to the fact that they are so, so, so porous and can’t be completely disinfected. Give it a warm wash with soap, and to be on a safer side, try a sex toy cleanerthat can give it that extra-clean oomph. Personally speaking, I think jelly toys should be avoided due to the fact that what’s in them is often more harmful than the stuff that ends up on the outside of them(but you know, the combo of the two ain’t great).

3. Glass Toys: (Non-porous). Wash with lukewarm water and mild soap. Pat dry.

4. Soft vinyl/rubber/latex/hard plastic: (porous).Again, a warm wash with soap, and a recommended sex toy cleaner. Make sure to get every trace of soap off because these toys can absorb the soap and not only degrade the toy, but cause future irritation to any mucus membrane, especially if you are choosing to not use condoms on your toys.

5. Pyrex: (non-porous). Pyrex is great because it can be cleaned multiple ways – you can wash it with the soapy water method or you can actually boil it. Hell, you can put it in the dishwasher with your wine glasses and spaghetti pots. Delicious.

6. Cyberskin: (porous). Cyberskin toys are a little bit more off the beaten path, but they are gaining in popularity. However, like jelly toys, they are extremely porous, and can’t ever be disinfected. There is also the same claim that like jelly, they are made of chemicals that are not safe for exposure to your mucus membranes. Nonetheless, use soapy water, a sex toy cleaner, and air dry. Some folks recommend using cornstarch powder as a way to keep them from getting sticky, but you have to make that call. FYI – please do not use talcum powder if you plan on putting it back up in you.

7. Stainless Steel: (non-porous). Like pyrex, stainless steel can be cleaned multiple ways. Wash it , boil it, dishwasher it, hell you can even soak it. Stainless steel offers an array of cleaning options.

I stole this from an article I came across @ taking-care-of-sex-toys

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pure romance g money

Back years ago when i was 18 and just started having sex i quicky became addicted to it. And i had a bf that would go to prison ALOT. So i discovered sex toys my first one was a doc johnson one that was way to big like 12inches and thick. So i got this baby it has veins like the real thing which i like. Its made from a decent silcone blend and it glows in the dark which is what attracted me to it. Im pretty sure its like 3speeds but i always use the highest power speed so to me its 1speed. Its pretty decent. Was my faviorte toy for years. Might still be my fave if I knew where it was. Good memorys!! Find one that attracts you!! like this one attracted me. Perfect size, texture, color, speed, + glow in tha dark  = FUN!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

my favorite lube...durex massage and play

This is my favorite. I have the purple one. I got it for massages instead of using babyoil. It works well enough for that, but gets a little sticky to touch when starting to dry.
My bf and I recently tried it as lubricant. It worked wonderfully, was cool going on, and was slippery, but not overly so, it also kind of had a natural feeling to it. It worked perfect for our deep rough sex that I enjoy. It lasted until we were done.
Later on that day, I decided to perform oral on my bf and I tasted something sweet and yummy. I had been handling marijuana and at first I thought damn! That new bud must be tasty...because what else could it have been!?! I was stumped because bud Im pretty sure could never taste like that, or that good and sweet. Haha. Duh!!! Then I remembered we had used the lube earlier and realized that was it!!! Boy did it make oral after vaginal sex taste delicious. Totally masks the vaginal smell and taste.
My only problem with this product is the next day, I was rubbed a little raw inside of my vaginal lips from public hair due to the way we rub/grind when deep inside, and so the lube caused that raw spot to burn momentarily. But besides that this lube is perfect!!! I rub a little on my clit and inside my vag lips before my bf goes down on me, to make it tasty for him!!! I also use it when giving my bf a bj/hand job combo to add flavor and lubrication (instead of just using spit!) And of course it is great for sex and it makes me want him to pull put and put it in my mouth when he is cummin, because it is that good!!

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my first to cum

So for some women like me orgasms are just a myth, a fantasy. I read about them and see them in porns. But they don't exist in my world. Until I started dating my newest boyfriend he is 40 so the oldest man I have been with. We had hooked up 8yrs ago but then his cock hurt me didn't really please me, and I was uncomfortable receiving oral sex. Now two children, 4 bfs, a a handfull of hookups later, here I am. I called him one night from the bar and went home with him and had the most passionate, mind blowing, pussy tingling at the thought sex!!! And so it became a regular thing and then a relationship. For the first time ever the thought of havimg an orgasm became a real possibility. I would feel the intense buildup of pleasure, and I would fight it. It would make my legs lock and I felt like feeling of wanting to pee and so I would fight it hold back and have him stop. One night I was black out drunk and I remember falling asleep in a puddle, but that's all. I guess I came, but my bf didn't count it because I didn't remember, since that day it became his goal to make me cum. "Pee on my face, I don't care, cum, let it go", he says. Haha. Finally a few nights ago i drank enough to be able to let go and enjoy myself, and still remember! And it was amazing, usually he fingers my gspot the come hither move, while licking my clit with hard pressure. That's what always almost gets me there. But that night he licked just right and I told him, " mmm yahh like that, right there". When that intense feeling came on I at first regretted telling him he was on the spot, and wanted to fight it, but I also wanted so bad to finally come and so I let go and it was amazing. My body twitched and i was laughing and whithering around and i felt the cum leaking down my butt crack. So I had my first clitoral orgasm! He all fist pumped the air in accomplishment! Winner!! Next try we got to do a gspot one!

My advice to you gals that cannot cum...

  • Find a partner who is experienced. Or learn together watch videos, read, ask questions, take classes together. 
  • Be in love and have passion 
  • Ur best friend may become ur best lover (mine is)
  • A partner who cares and wants you to cum and puts ur pleasure 1st before his own.
  • Masterbate. . .chicks who do can cum they know what works they learn and can teach there partner, chicks who don't like myself don't cum. I recently started and boy I opened a new world of fun!
  • Learn to love yourself
  • Figure out what feels good, and speak!! Let your partner know. Right the left..harder..softer..bury ur face in it...tounge fuck me...deeper..ect.
  • Focus on the sensations...nothing else matters. 
  • Have fun and enjoy it.

Monday, April 6, 2015

who am I

So I am new to this. I am a 27yr old, who's dream has always been to work for a sex toy company/store. I have always been interested in learning the most I could about sex since the age of 14. Before I even started doing it. I wanted to make sure I knew how for when the time came. So I read books, lots of books. I gained knowledge. Now that I'm older and I have 10yrs experience +tons of books smarts, I figured I might as well start blogging to help others with my knowledge by sharing and answering questions. I also would love to help others to shop smart and help them to find and buy the best quality sex toys, instead of the junk I first bought when I started out on my sexventure.
So any one have any questions me or my man will do our best to give you the best most honest nonjudgmental advice!!!! If we don't know the answer we will find it , and learn together!! even if it means experimenting on ourselves, for the most honest answer!
I can't wait to start my adventure in becoming a sexpert!