Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sex Factor

So there is a show hosted by Asa Akira that is like X-factor, but it is sex!!! I learned about it on and I was like what the heck....and first was thinking what is this crap! Why would they make this. But then I got home, and got curious. Decided to check it out...I mean why not. Then guess what happened??? I binged watched it all night!!! Finished the last 2 episodes in the morning because it got to late!! That is how good it is, and sometimes you can even get a little hot and bothered from it!!!
If you have not watched it I recommend you do, you can watch it on the website for free Also if you haven't watched it DO NOT finish reading this post because I will spoil the show!!! But for sure watch it, and pray me and my boyfriend get on it next season. I submitted us both, I don't think I will win. But my boyfriend he WILL win. He can do all the needed things and has all the requirements and skills to make him a winner, and we NEED that $500,000 to buy a home!!! Shit if we both won & kept doing porn!!! woooo!!!! We would be set!!! But that won't happen unless I had a bunch of horrible girls against me, because I'm more like the girl who got 3ed place...but not even as beautiful! :-(  Anyways enough on that...but know this is a fun show, and there is going to be a second season and you can apply to be on it!!!!

  Out of the girls I wanted to win from the very start one of them won!! The guys were all kind of eehhh. One of my faves made it to the top 3, but he did not win! But the guy who won did have the skills, he did a fantastic final scene even though he didn't do the best thought out the

This was the whole cast and my review of their performance and personality! 
Lets start worst to best!
I HATED 3 women and out of 2 I don't even know who should have got kicked first I think...

 Adrian Lee Ray - She would have got let go first if the show was able to progress naturally...but then I wouldn't have got to grow to despise her! 1st off she NEVER should have joined the competition she could not orgasm, because she was a "dead fuck" she just laid there quiet. &then she fucked up this one guys scene because she heard he called her the worst fuck of his life! & to make her worse, she went behind backs and shot a scene with James Deen which fucked her contract with this show. So she should have got let go sooner, and then the guy whose scene she ruined would have stood a chance!
Kaelin Blake - Gosh she is the 2nd worse, she never really fucked, and was really I think ONLY on the show for publicity! She should have NEVER been cast. She ruined scenes for her partners & she also refuses to fuck guys she isn't attractive to and knowing that should have known porn wasn't the place for her! Thats all there is to say on her!
Dani Darko - She just was NOT attractive and did NOT have a good body. But she was DTF at least. She also turned out to be a phycho! But I think Max Hardcore would use her! haha.
Veronica Vain - Her personality was crappy, but besides that she was not bad!
Sydney Gilmour - She was hot I liked her.
Allie Eve Knox - She is a beauty and for pretty porn like those playboy movies she would be great!
Khaya Peake - A freak and beautiful!!! I think she was actually my top pick for a long while but...
Blair Williams - She just had the it factor, she was the PORN star!!! She might be a little larger then I like but dude she just was a freaky girl and she loves to fuck and her smile as she is getting it, she is just real and fantastic I loved her!!!

Now the boys they are all no-bueno I could have found better dudes to cast for this!
Worst to best (kind of...really they were all the worst)...
Barry Newport - He dropped out of the competition and honestly I don't even remember anything about him. So he must have been boring...but he had the cutest face, I think I actually picked him as a fave based on first looks!
Sonny Keegan -  He actually wasn't bad except he was all talk and no action, may have got let go to soon.
David Caspian - I thought he was Hot actually but he creeped people out, he may have done well if given the chance!
The colonel - Ugly and a show hopper. But at least he was able to get it up and pop for the camera, which is more then the other guys could do! He was awkward and didn't have the presence needed!
Johnny Black - I wasn't into him, I don't like his body even but he didn't win so whatever.
Buddy Hollywood - He was cute, and he actually does porn that goes to show if he was given more chances he would have done good....he was just shy I guess.
Hero - I hate the name but loved him but he did a shit last performance with Dana Dearmond. Just awkward ...but it showed he had potential to pull off a lot of different positions! 
Donnie - He did fantastic in his final scene ...which is why he won! Plus he has a hot body. I mean come on!

Crazy weird Asian sex toys!!!

So I want to start with this one which was labeled as  traditional Japanese sex toy!
The about said it is made with the same traditional know how that has been pleasuring women in Kumamoto for centuries! It is a "cock dildo" made from a giant elephant ear whatever that is. Your to soak it in hot or cold water to soften it. It includes six "flower" accessories and tying string to tighten and wrap your dildo! 
All I can say is WTF!
I would NOT put this in me!

The second I accually kind of like. I would try it!! Just wish it was robotic and would move back and forth...oh wait it will be on my finger, I could do that. OH WAIT why aren't I just using my own finger!?!?!

The next one is kind of cute, you can dress as your favorite anime character...and actually look just like her! It is like a full body suite for those people who are into masking....and personality I think this is WAY better looking then the suites those maskers wear, those are creepy, at least this is cute!

Friday, October 14, 2016


So I discovered this cutie somehow in my internet searching for toys to review and I obviously fell in love with it!

 But unfortunately for me I learned that they apparently are doing so well on their own without needing any reviewers that they aren't sending out any samples to bloggers which is a bummer because I frickin' love how adorable and badass it is!!! I really would love to read a review on it by someone....but of course I would rather test one and be the first and only to write one!! But still I would love for there to be more on it out there!!

All there is for a website is

It is all pretty secretive to get one!

But this is what I was able to find out about this beauty...oh and if you want one it is $180 and has a 5 year warranty!
The man who you contact to get the toy, is the Vice President of so I guess this is something he made on the side!

Vixen Mustang Royale

Wow I can't even put into words how in love with this toy I am. I had never experienced duel density before getting 'him' but boy, oh boy was I missing out. I wasn't a fan of dildos before meeting this toy! They were always hard and boring or painful. Nothing like having sex with a real man, and that is why I would buy a dildo that resembles a penis, to have it feel like being with a man!
But none of them could do the trick and I would rather just go find a dude to bang, then to pull a toy out of a drawer and that was a problem especially when I had a boyfriend who was in prison when I wanted dick, I would have to cheat on him to get my dick fix, because my alternative was insufficient!
No longer do I have a boyfriend that goes on prison vacations, but sometimes I want something in my greedy little cunt, and he isn't home. I text him that I am horny, but it doesn't lure him home that second. My pussy is throbbing and aching and just begging to be stuffed. I rub myself keeping it occupied and keeping myself wet hoping he will show up and satisfy my craving, but atlas he is busy working on something and unable to come and play with me at my every beckon call and then what is a slutty girl who is loyal to do? Just let my pussy calm down and do nothing? Humph, not anymore! Now that I got my boy toy mr. mustang! I just unwrap him from the bandanna I keep him stored in (so everything doesn't get stuck to him) and I go to town!
So now that I have expressed my love I want to say my fantasy I have and then I'll go into product deets and the actual get down on it!
So my fantasy...(I will keep it quick) This toy is made for harnesses and it has these little bumps on the back that are supposed to massage your pussy when you use this as a strap-on! Well I want to find a girl, and tag team her with my boyfriend! Let him get a blowjob while I fuck her and we can high five each other like hommies, over her back! Eiffel tower!! Ok, that's it. That is my fantasy and he is so down with it, just all I need is the girl! haha.

Alright so now to get serious and get down to business reviewing this beautiful wonderful addition to my life!
I would give this a 9.5 out of 10 stars!! I love everything about it, the size, how it is the perfect mix of soft and firm, how it looks, how it feels! It is perfect. The only thing that would make this even better was if it was the regular Mustang that has the suction bottom, so I could stick it to the shower wall. But it is fine I do well holding it. I also sit it on the bed and ride it. I take bathes with it. If I do cam shows this is my go to blow-job dick!!! I love this toy!!! The model I have the Royale has the saddle base, which is basically special lumps on the bottom for when you wear it in a harness, it will stimulate your lady bits. Now I have not tried using it that way, but I have placed it up against my bits and kind of stimulated that situation and I suppose it does the is definitely a whole lot better then some flat silicone piece just sitting there, at least this is giving you some action!!! They also make the Vixenaire model of the mustang, which has the saddle base but this one inflates and pulsates. But that is how good this dildo is, they make 3 different models of it! Now on to size, if you are a size queen then this toy is NOT for you. It will not be large enough. But for the average female this will be perfect. I think this would even work well for beginners!
The mustang comes in a verity of lovely colors, Vanilla (which I have, caramel, chocolate, flour-a-pink, and tie-bright! It is $114 well spent! 6-1/2 inches long with a 1-5/8 diameter! 100% silicone. Duel density, non-porous, can be boiled for 3min to clean or washed with soap and water, and this toy has a life time warranty!!! Worth it!!!
Buy this beauty from Vixen-Creations right here!!!
You won't regret it, at least I didn't! It is currently the best dildo I have ever used!!!


So after having done the review of the clone-a-willy which I loved doing and even loved reviewing! I reached out to Clone-A-Willy and I got the Clone-A-Pussy for review!
I will say that they are a great company to work with and if you order with them you will get your item quite promptly. I feel like I got it almost overnight from when I spoke to them! So that is a good thing. The packaging that it came in was discrete, and shoot even the box for the item itself is pretty classy. Besides the name no one would really question it if they were to see this laying around!

The instructions were simply put on the back of the box and quite easy to follow.
This product did not come with a thermometer like the clone-a-willy. So I didn't feel the added pressure to make it the perfect temperature! 

The inside of the box once opened also had instructions written in it, a little more detailed.
I think this one did have the exact temperature written, but I decided to go with the simple instructions that said warm water!!!

-Jar of colored silicone
-Jar of clear silicone
-Algae molding power
-Stirring stick
-Black tray

-hot water
-measuring cup
-disposable mixing bowel/container/cup

  • Basically to make it all you need to do is grab your glass measuring cup and heat the water in your sink to a nice hot temperature. 
  • Get your pants and panties off, and shave if you want to. If you don't want to shave but you are worried about hair sticking I read to put a little bit of Vaseline on your hair!

(((I filled up my cup and opened the bag and then realized shoot I better shave. So I did that then re-filled the cup with hot water. You do NOT want to think of that after you already mix your mix or it will harden and you will have wasted it and would need to order more molding powder.)))
  •  Fill the cup to the 2/3 line and pour in the molding powder. Stir it up quickly the best you can and then pour it into the black molding tray. 
  • After that you are going to press your vagina into the mixture, make sure to get it all in there the best you can. Molding mix is going to over flow out of the tray a bit so make sure to do this over some card board or in the bathtub where you can easily clean it up!
  • Hold the tray in place for as long as needed, you will feel it hardening and the wetness going away and there is almost a feeling of it detaching from you. At that point I still stood there a little bit longer, kind of poked it with a finger. It felt solid so then I pulled it away from my vulva. 
  • You shouldn't really have anything stuck to you, maybe a little bit. I had a clump of the hardened mix in my butt crack. No matter you should probably rinse off.
  • I let the mold sit for like 20 min, then I got my disposable container for mixing the silicone!
  • Use your wooden stick to scrape all of the contents of both jars out into your container/cup/bowl and then mix them together!
  • Then pour mixture into your mold. 
I had issues with over flow so i made little walls between my mold and the tray, if you feel you are going to have a over flow issue then I would advise putting up some walls with plastic or foil before poring in the mix so you don't have a mess like I did.

  • Let it sit over night to harden. It says 24 hours. Mine was done sooner then that. But wait the 24 hours just to be sure!

I had a hard time getting all my silicone mix where I wanted it at, and it also kept over flowing off the sides of the tray.

So I got plastic that accually came off the packaging and cut it and built little walls all around it, to keep all the silicone inside the tray! So that way I could get as much of it as I could covered. Since my vagina is basic, and doesn't have much going on. The high bit that wasn't getting covered was sort of the only thing worth seeing, since that is where my clit is and all that!
So I was kind of disappointed in myself  that I didn't press myself into the mold deeper, so that I wouldn't have this problem...but how was I to know!!!
Also I would have spread my lips a bit to get more of the inner labia going on's! So that my mold would have more to it then just fleshy mounds! 

Here is my finished product, it didn't come out as good as I would have liked. But I would definitely like to do it again now knowing what I know the next one would come out perfect!!! 

I definitely recommend all the clone-a products!! They are fun and sexy and make cute novelty presents for your partner especially if you are long distance! They also are something kind of fun to do together!!!!

You can also find them at Spencer's Gifts, Amazon, and probably your local sex shop or favorite online sex shop! 
They come in flesh tone, chocolate, pink 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sasha Grey CreamPie Pocket Pussy

So I decided I wanted to get myself a pocket pussy for my collection of sex toys, just to have around for video demonstrations and what not, and since I had a 50% off one item code for Adam and Eve I decided to check out the male stokers. Since I found myself the most appealed to the look of Sasha Grey's vulva, over any other choice they had, plus I am a fan of her. I decided to purchase the Sasha Grey one hole masturbation toy.

Since I do not have a penis I used my boyfriend as a stunt cock!!!
His statements on it were "Its not as good as the real thing, but would a sheep be any better? idk i don't want to find out." hahaha I don't even know what he meant by that statement, he was stoned, but he also said, "It isn't the same but it gets the job done" and "He prefers my hand to it, but wouldn't mind it for something different" Really his only complaint on it, is that pussy's are soft while still firm. These are too soft. If they did what they did with Vix skin duel density then these could be a great product. So perhaps put firmness around it on the outside and the soft stuff inside, like a reverse vikskin dildo! You would no longer be able to put it inside out to clean it. But i didn't do that to mine to clean it. I just filled up the pussy with some hot water multiple times and stuck my finger in and gushed the water out, swirled it around a few times, then messed with it till it was dry inside before storing it!

Fingering it was kind of erotic feeling, it is pretty life like looking especially for the price. If you want to experiment with a pocket pussy before going out and splurging on a fleshlight then this is the way to go! Also if you arn't to keen on the idea of cumming in it and just rinsing it out, it is almost affordable enough that you could just use this once or twice and dump it and get a new one!!

This toy is make out of Ultra-Skyn. But another site says Ur3 for life like feel and  contains sil-a-gel for anti-bacterial and to help it keep it in tip top shape. So not sure if they are one and the same but they claim this is body safe and phthalate free TPE
This toy is made by DocJohnson and it is part of their all star porn stars collection!
This toy is 2.5 inches wide and 5.3 inches long with 4.8 insertable length!
The single opening creates suction for a pleasant sensation, and to intensify the suction squeeze out excess air after insertion!
It has a textured grip for better control, and the inside is ribbed for sensation!

They also make her mouth, and the 2 fuck hole one which has a vagina on one end and a bum-hole on the other end! The cream pie pussy one that I purchased goes for about $10-25 depending on where you decide to buy it. Like I said I got mine on Adam and Eve, but they have them at Spencer's Gifts, Amazon, and I'm sure most other sex stores.

Overall for the price of this toy, I think it is good quality and I would give this a 7.5/10

(I will post more pictures of it later, right now I took photos from amazon. I threw away the box mine came in due to a bed bug infection and this was near there nest)

VulvaLoveLovely - Neat Website!

I discovered this lovely website called vulvalovelovely and they make vulva art mostly jewelry. They also will do custom pieces based off of your lady bits!!!

I think this website is wonderful for female empowerment, and she makes the vulva's so beautiful and fun that is makes it hard not to love your bits! Personality I find the ones with the larger labia to be more beautiful in her pieces then the ones with the smaller labia. Which I find great because in studies so many people think that a small labia is more attractive or normal, based off of what is shown on film and magazines and her pieces make you feel the opposite way! I have one of those vulvas with the small labia tucked inside all neat, and I thought it was just perfect and beautiful. But when I went to go and get a art piece made I was thinking well that would be just boring, and opted to get one of the pre-made pieces with the larger labia that I found to be so beautiful!!!

Check out her site though it is fantastic, she makes beetle-juice themed pieces, snow queen themed, fruit themed, flowers, shells, or just plain ol' natural!!! Basically you can make your vulva however you would like, however you feel it would look the most lovely!!!
Instead of a necklace you could just get a portrait piece to display in your home, or painted nesting dolls. You could get your partner a belt buckle with your lady bits displayed on it!!!
She also makes plushies, vegan soap, and tea. Also she has cute underwear that has are insides sewn on the outside, which would actually be great to wear in front of a womens health class to show where the fallopian tubes are located!

Check her out she is super neat!!!

and if you want to check out her youtube on what she does you can find that here!!!