Sunday, April 24, 2016

public sex fantasy...dogging!!!

So I have always loved to have sex in public. In my car in the park, on my car in the mountains, sex on the beach, sex in the grass in a field. In front of friends at a party. I love having people watch it turns me on, and the possibility of getting caught, mmmm that really gets my panties wet.
Sex is so sexy I feel so sexy and empowered when my pussy engulfs my mans cock. I love when I am on top, I enjoy watching in a mirror, I love seeing it and watching it slideing in and out. If I love the view I am sure others do to. I just love putting on a show, I do it for me, cuz I feel sexy!! I want people to see and think, "damn that man is lucky his chick is a sexy nympho! Why cant i find that?!?" Or women to be like, "what a lucky gal she is, her mans cock and his body, wow! Not to mention the way he makes love to her! I wish I had that!" I want to do webcam shows. Sell my home videos on the web. I want to be seen butt naked, with a cock ramming me.

Soooo needless to say when I was watching the Sunny Megatron's show on showtime and discovered Dogging I was interested! That is something I want to do!!! A new experience! A chance to maybe find another chick to fuck with us and also have sex in public ohh yehh!!
Now I definitely don't know if this is an american thing?!? I haven't heard of it before her show. But perhaps now that I have, if I searched?!?! I am into sex in public, and putting on a show!!! But I sure don't want to end up as a registered sex offender, for having sex in public! But it would be fun to show up at one of these events or start my own!! and if I see someone of interest get them to join?!? Hmmm perhaps one day I will go about doing this, then I will have a interesting story to tell!! ;-)

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