Sunday, August 9, 2015

moon cup massacre 6/16/15

As you may be able to tell from the title my experience with the mooncup was a gorey one. My poor boyfriend was involved and is traumatized from the experience. Here's what went down...
(This picture is a reenactment, the real deal was alot more bloody)

I tracked down the mooncup at a holistic pharmacy and got one!!
The size A which is there larger size, since I am 27 and have kids.
It seemed to be perfect in size. Inserting it was a breeze. Which was a surprise I thought I'd have trouble since there's no plasic applicator for cups. ( I wanna invent one though, that would be neat). I kept it in all day like 12hrs. No problems at all till it became time to remove the sucker. I assumed it would be a sinch since it has that long little steam. But I could not locate it, I tried bareing down, doing kegals, pooping (since that pushes out tampons), squatting one leg up, sitting. I watched youtube videos. I breathed and focused on staying calm and collected. But nothing worked. Finally when I was like fuck guess its gonna have to stay in me forever....I got my lovely vagina expert of a bf to come help me!!! He so deserves a reward/award for this...because really I dont know any other guy who would do this.....
He searched around in there and located the lil devil, pulled it down to wear it could be grabbed somewhat and then tried to leave it to me...well that shit was slippery and I couldnt get it. Not with gloves. Not with toilet paper. So he went in and grabbed it from the base, above the stem and yanked. It came out and blood spattered all over the bathtub floor and walls, my legs, his arm and hand. And it stunk so frickin bad.
He was soo traumatized. I was like aww poor baby do u got p.t.s.d now. Haha. I gave him a bj as a thank you!

Sometimes he is really the best.

As for the menstral cup I cleaned it and put it away.

 In search for one with a tab or finger loop. I may try tying a string around the stem and puling it like a tampon. more reviews to come and updates if use improves on this one!!

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