Wednesday, May 20, 2015

affordable butt plug review

I just recieved this product from my sponsor happynhealthy thru amazon. If you want to order from them check them out here
i think this plug is great because you can use it just to keep your finger clean or insert a vibe. Whatever you prefer.
Check out the review I did for them below...

So this thing is cool I love that it has a hole where I could insert a bullet, as for putting in a finger it stretches to accommodate my finger and it suctions around my finger which is good, keeps it on. I have to peal it up at the rim to remove it and break the suction. This is the perfect first butt plug because it is really not much larger then a thumb, so its not to knarley. It is perfect for begginers to anal play. It is actually a nice little finger cover for sticking a finger in someones butt, instead of putting your bare finger in there. I accually love it for that purpose. But if using it as a plug I would recommend adding a bullet to make it a little firmer and also then you have a handle for easy removal. (+ vibrations are always nice in there..especially during vaginal penitration) I recommend using the bullet out of the Trojan multi thrill. (Or ultratouch) It is the perfect size!!! Overall this is a good bullet. Easy cleanup. Completely waterproof. I would use a water based thicker lube with it. Like ID.
This company is great you will get your order quickly in a discreet package!! I recommend ordering from them!! Love it!!!

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