Wednesday, May 6, 2015

the ultimate questions...does size matter??? is black bigger?

Is bigger really better??? Not necessarily.
I have been with men with very small penises, and yes it may be a bummer. One guy i could barley feel inside me. Another had a nice long dick but it was pencil thin...and personally i like to be filled up with it so it didnt really do it for me. Another older man i was with had a small penis but he really knew how to work it and we had great sex. But yah i do prefer a larger penis. A large one with a owner who knows how to use it. Cuz a big dick with a unexperinced owner can still be a bummer. Also big isnt really better i had a lover whos cock was so big it ripped me and caused me to bleed, like a virgin. It alwadisappointed ave sex with him. But it hurt so good. But the next day it would burn to pee and it just kind of sucked. My current man has a perfect cock it is big...but not painfully so. It can be, somedays its bigger and it hits things in me that kind of hurts. But for the most part his penis is the perfect fit for my pussy, thats really all you need! Really if u think about it, your pussy is only so big (it stretches to accommodate size) You dont need a huge cock to be filled. Really if i came across a man with like a 10inch cock i would run. Scary big isnt sexy. It will rip the side of your mouth to give him head and hurt your jaw. Not to mention sex would be more painful then pleasurable. I am good with a 8 thats perfect and it pleases me.

Now as for black men having bigger cocks, thats a lie made my the media kind of like the one about telling the size of a cock by the mans shoe size...not true. Race doesn't matter. The only thing that makes it seem like black men have bigger cocks is the fact that there penis stays the same size flaccid as it is erect. So people assume they have huge penises. Nope they just dont get smaller. They do have the largest flaccid penises. (So if your a size queen who is into packing then maybe thats the way to go for you.)
White men on the other hand can have a 8inch erect that turns into a 2inch flacid. But just cause its small limp doesnt mean he has a small cock. Acually its the white men that have the average larger cocks. The top 5big penis countys are. 1. Denmark 2. Italy ( we all heard about those italian stallions) 3. Sweden 4. Austrialla 5. Neatherlands. The size average is 7.5 in those countrys. No small dicks there.
The man with the largest cock in the world has a 13.5inch monster in his pants. Jonah Falcon, he is a dorky looking white man.
 So kids dont belive all you hear. Race does not determine size, genes do. If grandpa has a big cock then yah chances are his grandson may to be well endowed. Thats basically all there is to it. Really no way to guess, cause your crush may be black with size 12shoes and come to find out he only has a 5inch cock. So sorry to pop your bubble. The only way to know for sure is to see it, and the only way to know what size you prefer is to test them, try different dildos. But really when it comes down to it, when you fall in love it wont matter if he only has a 4.5 and you prefer 7inches. If u have passion when your makeing love, it wont even matter. But if he is a dissapointing lover then just teach him to eat your pussy and finger fuck you good, so you can cum, and buy a great sex toy, then live happily ever after!!

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