Tuesday, February 9, 2016

LUSH life

Lady's I advise that you take a relaxing bath once a week. Play with yourself, savor the smell good, have a drink, light a candle! Love yourself!!! It is so important to do, spending quality time with just you.

Shoot if your tub is large enough take a bath with your partner massage each others backs or feet.
Just savor the moment and enjoy each other!

I have fell in love with LUSH products, they are pricey but so worth it the feeling of calm I get from using a great bath bomb, and the softness I get from the moisturizers in the product, and the amazing smell that it adds to my flesh. I never feel as sexy as I do after a LUSH bath!!

Treat yourself, I recommend it to everyone! Plus who wouldn't want to soak in something with no chemicals that is not only luxurious, but also brightly colored!!

I totally enjoying bringing my partner into the bath with me or bringing my toy to play with myself in the tub, cleaning myself in the process with the essential oil filled water! (probably not great for my ph) After a bath in this because I smell so great I love to go and hop on my hunnys lap and start kissing on him, or just love on myself because I smell so good and my skin is so soft that I can't help but touch myself!!!

So check Lush Cosmetics out, and treat yourself!

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