Tuesday, February 9, 2016

JO silicone free hybrid coconut lube

I received all three lubes from JO to do an honest review! These are natural coconut lubricants. They sell as a silicone free hybrid, since it is a fusion of water and coconut oil!
One is original, one is warming, and one is cooling. I personally am not a fan of warming sensations. But if you are, know that these work!! At first they go on normal feeling but as you get going with the friction, the cooling (or warming) starts kicking in!
The texture is so realistic like lady juices only better, because when you rub it together, and you rub and rub it just moisturizes your skin instead of turning all dry and flaky like lady juice. I love the smell I love the texture. I love that it is natural and not sticky or tacky. Now the taste isn't fantastic but it isn't awful either.
Now I never really use silicone lubes because I use silicone toys most of the time, and when having sex with a partner I am a naturally very wet person. But if you need lube during sex you may use a silicone lube since it is water proof for in the shower, and it is long lasting. This will absorb into the skin unlike silicone but it is worth it, putting only natural substance into your body.
This product has easy cleanup, is compatible with every toy, every condom/dental dam, and every opening!
Also if you do love silicone or pure h20 lube, JO makes both!! Check them out!!
This is my go to lube, that I keep right next to my toys. The only time I go for another is when i want to add some flavor to my vulva for my partner in that case i reach for durex, but JO does have h2o flavors which I am looking forward to testing! The only issue i have is the small bottles are hard to squeeze out! But buy a bigger bottle and perhaps that problem won't exist! ;-)

Buy these amazing lubricants from JO
Look at the way it is between my fingers.

and how natural looking it is on my finger!!

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