Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My 2 favorite pornstars

Bonnie Rotten and James Dean!! Hot damn who can think up a better combo?? That is like one I wished was real...then I looked on porn hub, and hot damn it is!!!
Bondage Fantasy has it all, everything to get you nice and wet!! It has a cowboy type feel to it, and our favorite tattooed hottie, bondage, squirting, anal, vaginal!

But what has kind of ruined this film for me is reading that Bonnie wasn't having a good time filming this, and that this is the 2nd and last time this dynamic duo will work together since James is foul which is a shame, and kind of makes it a little hard to want to masturbate to this...but fuck what can I say, I can resist! James may or may not be a piece of shit. At first I thought chicks were just hating, trying to ruin his career. But now a female I respect, (not saying i don't respect the others I am sure they are great, I just don't know anything about them) and who has no reason to destroy his image (like his exes may have) is speaking out! Now I know that these allegations have some truth, at the very least he is a disrespectful douche!

Thank goodness this is only my second favorite film. Not my first. my real all time love is a supercult icarus line video, but I can't get it to play on any of my devices, which is a shame! Ain't nothing like it, I love art porn! I need to find some new favorites so it seems! If you know of anything that is artsy porn let me know!!

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