Monday, December 19, 2016

Pipedream Cat o'nine tails

I got a new
I decided to buy myself a Cat o'nine Tails from Pipedream!!! 
It was actually what I found to be the perfect whip they had at DejaVu love boutique. We tried them all. Most were not enough or were too much!!! This was just right!! I was totally like Goldilocks. To painful, to light, just right! My boyfriend was also getting whips tested on him as well. We took turns whipping and spanking each others arms, legs, and butts with every toy. This was also the best one in his opinion as well, he even liked it better then the crop, which is normally what gives him his favorite sensation! But this thankfully beat it in his opinion, because the crop is what we were originally shopping for. But thanks to this we ended up leaving with one that makes us both happy!!!!

This is from the Pipedream Fetish Fantasy collection, I only paid $18.99 for it. It is made of leather and the handle has metal studs. It is 18.25 inches, the handle is about 9 inches! It only weighs 1.75 oz. (51 grams) 
On amazon about 60% of the people like it, and then 30% were equally split between giving it 3,2, and 1 star. But the majority like it, and for the price it is worth giving it a shot. If you have a local sex shop or spencers gifts, go and test it out!!! I think you will like it. It gives just the right about of sting. Its a perfect beginners toy. It is also a good whip to start your play time with, and then build from, just to slowly build up your tolerance, it is also even good maybe to end a session, when your all stung and cut up, and still want more this would be a good one to use!!!!!
Go buy one!

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