Friday, December 30, 2016


So I had received the vibease Bluetooth smart vibrator from Vibease for review. I actually won one, and received one for review in the same week. So I asked them to hold my win, so I could host a giveaway with it to be fair. Instead of ending up with two and giving my win to a friend, figured I would let a reader get it instead!!!! I was super excited about this toy, but ended up a little disappointed. But it isn't bad, and I would recommend it....I just expected more. I'll get into my reasons just keep reading....

So I received my toy from the manufacturer, and if you order it directly from them it will come in a pretty inconspicuous package but the label does say a company name so if someone was nosy enough they could figure out what you ordered. The toy itself came in a beautiful pink and teal box that has a thin cardboard sleeve that is white with the vibease logo on it and information about it on the back, it keeps the box shut and slips on and off easily. Inside you will find the charger, user manual and of course the toy resting in a black foam that is cut perfectly to cradle the toy and prevent it from moving inside the box. Vibease measures 3.1 inches in length and 1.5 in width!

The toy itself is pink or purple and covered in silky medical grade silicone, it is small enough to be pretty discrete even if your wearing leggings and as long as your panties are tight enough you can comfortably wear it in place! It is waterproof which is mandatory if its going to be stuck in your panties and who knows how much fluid you produce!! Also it is USB rechargeable which is a must for toys now a days, because who wants to deal with buying battery's!! To charge it there is a tiny hole (keeps it waterproof) you stab the charger into. Sound wise it is pretty discrete, but on the higher settings people can hear it if your in a quiet room! The toy is powerful, just not enough for me to orgasm! But I am picky, I'm sure for most girls it can totally make them cum!!! But it does make me horny and crave something inside me! I do recommend it! It is definitely great for a tease, your man can have you put it in your panties while he is driving home from the office, and mess with when he gets there you are hot and bothered and ready for him to come and scratch your itch and finish you off!!

So I love this toy when controlling it with your phone, if your not using your phone to control the vibrations it is kind of  a pain in the butt to adjust the setting. Especially if your hiding it in your panties. Plus even if your not the buttons are so small you need to move it away from your lady bits to change the setting, so that is where the phone is a must!!! The first button turns the toy on and off, and the second allows you choose between five different vibration modes. But really most likely you will be having your partner control it or you will be using the app because lets face it who doesn't love being able to just scroll your finger up and down and all around and make the pulse go all over the place!!! Besides being able to create custom vibrations there is also 11 different pulses that are already available for easy one button click use! 

You need to download an app, which was easily and quickly downloaded onto my galaxy s3 and it installed quickly and didn't take up much space on my phone. Once you download the app you have to create an account and you can set a security pin and even choose to request a code in your privacy settings so you don't have to worry about strangers. Then it has step to step instructions to connect to the vibease. The app connects quickly to your toy via blue tooth, and is it relatively simple to do!
 The app itself is pretty self explanatory to use, and it does have little pop up help guides on some pages your first time using it, to help you along. The first part is a cart and it has downloads, which then will appear over on the next page which is your sounds. It includes nice beach sounds, nature sounds, moaning and those are nice to listen to I guess, instead of hearing the slight sound of the vibrator. I'm not a big fan of these but there is also talking ones and I am not super into those either but I do like 'touch yourself for me','sexy' and the British man saying L words!! Since I am a sucker for a British accent. There are a lot of different sounds and readings to choose from for free and if you don't mind paying for some it is cheap, 10 credits for 99 cents and 25 for 2$ . The downloads cost anywhere from 20-35 credits, though there are alot of free options!!! Also there are samples of each you can listen to before buying. But I feel like these are only really good if you don't put on a porn or some music when you masturbate, then those features on the app could be fun for you to use but I really have no use for them. (I'd rather just listen to earned it by the weekend and some other sexy songs!)
The next part of the app is the most useful and is what makes this a toy for long distance use and for couples to play no matter where they are, and it is the chat feature. You just give your friend your account name that you chose when you first downloaded the app, and then they send you a friend request or vice versa. You can also find friends by email or send a text to add them or to get them to download the app. Once they are your friend you can send each other sexy messages, photos from your phone, or take new photos from the app, and also the most important part the vibe request is there and the controls to control there vibe once the request is approved!
Then the other two parts of the app are like device page which allows you to connect to your toy, and also pick a vibration from there pre-made patterns (that you could also get to using the buttons on your toy) and then there is your settings page that lets your edit your profile, send things to friends, ask for help, and other things.
Then the last and final part of the app is my favorite and is really the only feature I use when playing on my own with this toy, and it is the ability to control the vibration without having to click the buttons manually, or choose one of there pre-made patterns from the app! You can get to my favorite spot by just clicking the logo on the right bottom corner, and from there you can select an ambiance and can completely control the vibration! Its basically what your partner can do when they get the controls from a distance, I just slide my finger across the screen which is convenient. I can make it go all over the place; high, low, fast, slow all with a slide of my finger!!! It is the best part!!!

  As long as you get into it and just really focus on the feeling of pleasure then you could definitely get warmed up with this, before busting out your dildo or Hitachi and finishing the job! But for some people with sensitive clitoris and more imaginative minds, they would probably be able to easily get off completely with this using the app books, or having dirty talk with there partner or a video chat on the computer while there man teases them with the app! That could be a good time. But for me this is more of a tease then anything. It would be good to have on, on my way home from work while my partner controls it and teases me so then by the time I get home I just wanna get fucked!!!!

As for ability to be hidden and discreet this toy is pretty unnoticeable, even while wearing leggings it isn't a huge bulge or anything.
This is it in my thong, under my leggings!
As for sound it is overall pretty quiet, if you were in a location that had some noise I don't think it would be heard. But if you are in a silent office, then definitely someone would be able to hear it and pinpoint the location!


I do sometimes do camming on the side, and some of those girls make big money giving the viewer control of her toy from a distance, I would love the ability to sell control of my vibease to a viewer. But I don't think that is possible as as far as I know you have to connect your toy to the phones that are going to control it. But I could be wrong that is just the way I did it, and also I read on someone else site that as well. Which is inconvenient for some long distance couples that aren't gonna be able to be together to do the initial programming. But your partner could buy it program it to his/her phone and then mail it to you. Which would be the only way to use it long distance.

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  1. Hi Liliths, thanks for your comprehensive and honest review on Vibease!

    Just to share that for the long distance remote control feature, you don't need to do any initial programming on the phone that used to control it remotely. Connection setup is only required to be done on the recipient end.