Friday, December 30, 2016

Satisfyer Pro 2

Ohhh my gosh!!! What can I say about this toy! Besides that I am in love!!!!! This has got to be my 2ed most used toy, besides my vixen mustang!!! This goes with me on trips, goes with me to the bath, and sits beside my bed and not in the toy box with the majority of my toy!!!
I got this toy and the womanizer around the same time, and I wanted to do a comparison and that in turn made it harder for me to write reviews about them fairly! I now feel like I am in the head space to do so, after having done my comparison video on you tube, and speaking all of there pros and cons aloud! I still want to compare as I am writing, but I am going to do this as if the womanizer doesn't exist and then do the womanizer review as if this toy doesn't exist.
So here goes nothing!!!

So this toy is beautiful! It has a slick classy design, that is perfect for holding in your hand, I almost feel like it is the perfect size to be able to hold it in place while being penetrated. (But that is hard to acomplish without getting knocked off the spot a few times). Its small, light, and easy to handle and manipulate!  It is a lovely rose gold color, and the buttons are soft and easy to push! The opening is the perfect size for my clit, but remember all bodies are different! But the satisfyer company now makes so many different models, all with different sucker sizes that you will for sure find one that is the right size for your body!

Just some of the different models!

The charge holds for a decent amount of time, I think I have used this 20+ times and I am still on my first initial charge. Also the price point on this toy is fantastic, it is affordable for everyone!!! Right now you can purchase this model on Amazon for the low price of $45.50, you can't go wrong with that!!! You can also buy a 5 piece set of replacement tips for $29.95 which you could split the cost with a couple girlfriends, so you can share the toy!
The pro 2 comes in a simple plastic box, with a plastic pull out tray, I feel like it is pretty environmentally friendly in that it doesn't have a box that is too big, or a box inside a box using more paper then necessary. It is just a simple to the point package. Right now I still keep my toy stored in the original packaging for safe keeping. It comes with the usb cord for charging but not the port to plug into, I guess they figure you have one of those already somewhere. (Which to be fair, I do!) Then it comes with a paper instruction booklet, that to is simple and to the point!
The toy itself is 2 x 3.7 x 7.9 inches and weighs 3.5 ounces, is made from ABS plastic, and the tip is a smooth, soft silicone. It runs on a lithium ion battery, that is rechargeable using the little magnetic charger that attaches to the two contact points on the bottom of the toy. This is a sucky type of charger in my opinion, in that it constantly disconnects if even moved slightly. So you must make sure it is on good, and in a place to charge where it will not be bumped. The toy does blink while charging and will stay fully lit when fully charged, so that does allow you to know that it is on the charger still, and if it is done and ready to go!!!! Which is great, no guessing on if it has been the correct amount of time on the charger.
So this toy shows it getting dipped in water, which leads me to assume it is completely water proof. But I have never fully submerged my toy. I have used it in the bath at least 7 times, and had no problems. But that has been just getting half of it wet, basically only what is necessary to get it onto my clit underwater without fully submerging it! I am kind of nervous to get the charging area wet! After use in the water I take the tip off and fully dry it!

Their add

If your not aware this is a suction toy, that relies on pulsating air, when the tip creates a seal it makes suction that creates a feeling of sucking on your clit using the air and it is amazing!!! This toy has a large range of intensity settings, 11 in total! But for me I don't really need to ever go up more then 2-3 settings! One issue though is that if you go to far and it is to intense, you have to cycle thru all the settings. Through all the even more intense ones, to get to the beginning and that sometimes is too much for me, and I have to remove it. Now I just turn it off and on again to get to the beginning and avoid the hassle. Another problem is one that is to be had with all these suction toys such as this, and it is that it requires precise placement!

Anyways I would totally recommend this toy to anyone and everyone! It isn't so expensive that it is a scary purchase, and basically with this type of toy it pretty much works for every female who enjoys clit stimulation. I really have nothing negative to say about this toy, then the few little cons listed below. Overall those little cons are nothing compared to the pros of this toy, and the #1 major pro is that this toy will make you cum, and no cons can out weigh that!!!!

Go and get yourself one today, at your local sex shop, or your favorite online shop!

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