Sunday, April 26, 2015

different lube...what are they good for?!?

1. Water-Based Lubricant: The most common, the easiest to wash off, and the most sex toy-friendly. Water based lubes are best used with silicone or jelly toys, so most vibrators, dildos, and yes, fleshlights. It is also condom-friendly, if you are planning on using a condom over your sex toy. Water-based lube is most often body-friendly, but try and score one that is glycerin-free (just in case your inner bits are sensitive to it). Also, if you are into, you know, earthy awesomeness, there are vegan/earth-friendly/natural lubes that fall underneath this category.

2. Silicone-Based Lubricants: If you like taking your sex toys to the shower, silicone lube is the way to go. Silicone lube is water-resistant, though harder to clean. It requires a longer, soapier cleaning and, it can only be used with certain toys. No silicone lube on a silicone or jelly toy, and definitely no condoms – it’s the quickest way to degrade your sex toy or your latex. Did you know that silicone bonds to silicone? This happens because it is made out of microscopic glass balls. This causes the silicone to break down, causing a gummy breeding ground for bacteria. Of course, there are a few compatible silicone lubes that can go with certain grade silicone toys, like some of these bad boys.

3. Oil-Based Lubricant: Oil is tricky because anything petroleum based should really only be used for external masturbation or strictly anal play only. These lubes should be used with non-jelly, non-plastic, non-silicone toys (so basically stainless steel), and it definitely shouldn’t be used with latex. If you thought silicone broke things down, oil will blow your mind by basically eating through your toys AND on top of that, it messes up the pH of your lovely vagina, causing an environment that is ripe for bacterial infection. Seriously, oil-based lube is the ideal lube for anal play with a stainless steel toy.

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