Thursday, April 9, 2015

pure romance g money

Back years ago when i was 18 and just started having sex i quicky became addicted to it. And i had a bf that would go to prison ALOT. So i discovered sex toys my first one was a doc johnson one that was way to big like 12inches and thick. So i got this baby it has veins like the real thing which i like. Its made from a decent silcone blend and it glows in the dark which is what attracted me to it. Im pretty sure its like 3speeds but i always use the highest power speed so to me its 1speed. Its pretty decent. Was my faviorte toy for years. Might still be my fave if I knew where it was. Good memorys!! Find one that attracts you!! like this one attracted me. Perfect size, texture, color, speed, + glow in tha dark  = FUN!!!

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