Tuesday, April 7, 2015

my first orgasm...how to cum

So for some women like me orgasms are just a myth, a fantasy. I read about them and see them in porns. But they don't exist in my world. Until I started dating my newest boyfriend he is 40 so the oldest man I have been with. We had hooked up 8yrs ago but then his cock hurt me didn't really please me, and I was uncomfortable receiving oral sex. Now two children, 4 bfs, a a handfull of hookups later, here I am. I called him one night from the bar and went home with him and had the most passionate, mind blowing, pussy tingling at the thought sex!!! And so it became a regular thing and then a relationship. For the first time ever the thought of havimg an orgasm became a real possibility. I would feel the intense buildup of pleasure, and I would fight it. It would make my legs lock and I felt like feeling of wanting to pee and so I would fight it hold back and have him stop. One night I was black out drunk and I remember falling asleep in a puddle, but that's all. I guess I came, but my bf didn't count it because I didn't remember, since that day it became his goal to make me cum. "Pee on my face, I don't care, cum, let it go", he says. Haha. Finally a few nights ago i drank enough to be able to let go and enjoy myself, and still remember! And it was amazing, usually he fingers my gspot the come hither move, while licking my clit with hard pressure. That's what always almost gets me there. But that night he licked just right and I told him, " mmm yahh like that, right there". When that intense feeling came on I at first regretted telling him he was on the spot, and wanted to fight it, but I also wanted so bad to finally come and so I let go and it was amazing. My body twitched and i was laughing and whithering around and i felt the cum leaking down my butt crack. So I had my first clitoral orgasm! He all fist pumped the air in accomplishment! Winner!! Next try we got to do a gspot one!

My advice to you gals that cannot cum...

  • Find a partner who is experienced. Or learn together watch videos, read, ask questions, take classes together. 
  • Be in love and have passion 
  • Ur best friend may become ur best lover (mine is)
  • A partner who cares and wants you to cum and puts ur pleasure 1st before his own.
  • Masterbate. . .chicks who do can cum they know what works they learn and can teach there partner, chicks who don't like myself don't cum. I recently started and boy I opened a new world of fun!
  • Learn to love yourself
  • Figure out what feels good, and speak!! Let your partner know. Right there..to the left..harder..softer..bury ur face in it...tounge fuck me...deeper..ect.
  • Focus on the sensations...nothing else matters. 
  • Have fun and enjoy it.

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