Tuesday, April 7, 2015

my favorite lube...durex massage and play

This is my favorite. I have the purple one. I got it for massages instead of using babyoil. It works well enough for that, but gets a little sticky to touch when starting to dry.
My bf and I recently tried it as lubricant. It worked wonderfully, was cool going on, and was slippery, but not overly so, it also kind of had a natural feeling to it. It worked perfect for our deep rough sex that I enjoy. It lasted until we were done.
Later on that day, I decided to perform oral on my bf and I tasted something sweet and yummy. I had been handling marijuana and at first I thought damn! That new bud must be tasty...because what else could it have been!?! I was stumped because bud Im pretty sure could never taste like that, or that good and sweet. Haha. Duh!!! Then I remembered we had used the lube earlier and realized that was it!!! Boy did it make oral after vaginal sex taste delicious. Totally masks the vaginal smell and taste.
My only problem with this product is the next day, I was rubbed a little raw inside of my vaginal lips from public hair due to the way we rub/grind when deep inside, and so the lube caused that raw spot to burn momentarily. But besides that this lube is perfect!!! I rub a little on my clit and inside my vag lips before my bf goes down on me, to make it tasty for him!!! I also use it when giving my bf a bj/hand job combo to add flavor and lubrication (instead of just using spit!) And of course it is great for sex and it makes me want him to pull put and put it in my mouth when he is cummin, because it is that good!!

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