Saturday, June 13, 2015

Clone Your Guy Kit. Spencers Gifts

Kit Contains:
  • Molding powder
  • body safe silicone (2jars)
  • Vibrator
  • stir stick
  • molding tube
  • thermometer
How to use:
  1. Get everything you need to start. Measuring cup, mixing bowel, spoon
  2. Get a erection (use cock ring or pump)
  3. place tube beside penis cut to proper size
  4. Get 1 3/4 cup of water from sink, run with thermometer and get it at 98°
  5. Mix with powder (h20 first, then add powder) quickly
  6. option 1: pour into tube and shove cock into it or option 2 (from another bloggers review) put cock in and pour mixture into tube onto your cock.
  7. allow to harden for at least 2min  before pulling penis out
  8. let mold sit for 4hrs or more before adding silicone
  9. mix the 2jars of silicone together in a 8oz (or larger) disposable container
  10. Make sure to stir thoroughly for at least 2min and pour into mold
  11. make sure to pour any excess water out of mold before adding silicone
  12. take a small piece of cardboard 4×4and cut a × into center
  13. push vibrator into × so only screw cap sticks out one end
  14. carefully insert into center of your mold so the cardboard rests flat on rim of tube
  15. let sit for 24hrs at least, touch silicone and make sure it is hard
  16. carefully remove mold, remove cardboard, cut off any bumps
  17. Clean with soap and water
I choose to use a old potato salad container to mix both

My Review/Experience:

So this is going to be my second attempt at cloneing a penis. My first attempt failed, I did it the way that I was told in the instructions, followed it to a T. But my bf at the times penis wasnt hard enough and wasnt able to push into the molding powder, by the time I got it hard the powder had hardened. So today I decided to go about it differently I read in a blog by a guy to cut the end off, and pour the mixing powder into it, onto my mans penis. So that is what we did. It worked out except my man got upset over some of it coming out the top from me pouring to fast. He acted as though it was ruined and just to throw it out (perhaps because he lost an erection, but I told him nope I want to put the silicone in and see what I get. So I added the black lid to the open end and sat it to harden.
This is the mold right now, it has a hole from where skin touched the side

so far I feel like the mold itself looks good, I looked in under good light and it totally has the head/pee hole looking perfect...hopefully the side looks as good. I ended up letting it sit for 6-7hrs instead of 2-4hrs just to be on the safe side...but then read that it may cause shrinkage to over dry it, so then i panicked and got to silicone mixing!!!! 
I wanted it to be a dildo not a vibrator, and i was hoping i would have enough but i did not. I had about 3/4inch of space left without silicone and i scraped it all out of the jars and mixing bowel. So then i was left with the choice, make my boyfriends penis a little shorter then it really is....or add the vibrator and risk messing it up and having vibe pokeing out the side (read of that happening). I chose the later.
I would have prefered to use a stronger strength vibe, or a egg even. I really would have loved to use one of those eggs with the wire that attaches to a remote i would have put it down in the head or in the middle and then only a wire would be coming out of my clone instead of a screw top. Next time i do this i am going to get an egg to try putting in it!!! I know if I try again (third times a charm) it will be perfection!!! I already anticipate some errors in my mold, because of the holes in my mold silicone got in the side of the tube, so I am going to have to cut that deformity off when its done setting, but I am praying that it works out the way I am thinking in my head. We will see. No matter, i will want to try this again!!!
So today I got to finally open it, i waited 36hrs instead of 24hrs i was nervous that it wouldnt come out because i had read about so many peoples bad experiences trying to make theres. But i was blessed. Even my silly fear of the silicone on the side of the tube making a mess was just that, a silly fear! It came out perfect and easily!!! The mold did rip apart in the removal because i was trying to be careful and not harm the dildo!!
the mold ripped from the removal! 

Here are pictures of my perfect clone a willy!!

It looks so frickin good. I am proud of it!! I feel like a artist!! I just had to trim some bumps off it with mini scissors and wash it and then it was ready to take for a test drive!!
It isnt as large as my boyfriend is normally its like a semihard one, but it mesures a little over 6inches insertable length. The vibrations are accually able to be felt but mild. But it is nice. This penis is firm like a really hard cock. There is no rubber smell. Its really great and feels amazing.
my boyfriend loves that it is a mold of his penis he is amazed at how good it came out!!! 
we love it!!!!

also this is my fave review slutty girl problems, clone a willy review 

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