Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Your Body: penis with two peeholes

So like I didnt even think anything about this for the last year, until I made the clone a willy of my mans cock. I mean I saw it every day, multiple times. I love on it. But I never noticed anything odd. Then I did the clone and saw the two holes real prominent and that day I had just looked at dildos on adam and eve and they all had one hole on the head, then I thought well thats odd...maybe I should Google thjs. So I did...

It is called hypospadiasis
 and it is totally something I have heard of before.
but I never even put thought anything of my bfs because it is just glandular.
now any other one of these would probably freak me out just a bit.

According to a article I read, they call it an accessory hole, and Dr. John Monheit says this about it. 
"It is the commonest genital malformation that can happen in an infant. It involves opening of the urethra away from the normal position over the head of the penis. This leads to a hole that has no function as it has no connection with the urethra and another hole that is in abnormal position that forms normal function of urination and ejaculation. This condition is harmless in many individuals with minor hypospadiasis. It is only in people in whom the urethra is located too far behind the head of penis that a surgery is required."

Its really quite normal happening every 1 in 300 baby boys.

One person described it as a divided urethra, where there is a slit which has a flesh "divider" in the middle at the tip, making it two holes to all appearance.

Whatever it is, I love it. My boyfriends penis is beautiful, I love it. This just makes it unique.

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