Friday, June 19, 2015

zolo pocket pool masturbation sleeve

The product i am discussing today is the zolo pocket pool masterbation sleeve by Adult brand concepts llc. Its originally  priced at $13 but you can find it for cheaper other places.

I first discovered this product while shopping at romantix with my partner. It was only 5$ and came in a variety of textures. The one that enticed me was the stars! But they had many other choices...
Sure shot-orange-stars
Straight shooter-green-pinwheel
Corner pocket -blue- v's
8ball-red-chain link fence
Rack em-purple-Circles
Susie cue-yellow-triangles/diamonds
The different textures are more impressive then my descriptions of them, so check them out for yourself!!

As for how i feel about the product, neither myself nor my boyfriend are really fans of it. I tried using it as a stroker on him while sucking his balls. And really it doesnt do much for him, he would accually perfer to jack off with some soap on his hand in the shower. (Or of course have sex or a bj) the texture wasnt really able to be felt. Perhaps on a penis with less girth it would feel noticeable. We also tried it for texture while fingering my g spot. My bf wore it inside out on his fingers. Still it didnt do much, except perhaps provide a little cushion so his fingers hit less hard against it. Really the best use I can think of for it is as a resuable condom of sorts for your fingers for while fingering some random female, so that way if your afraid she may have some kind of std your fingers which you may use to touch yourself are for sure safe

Personality i would not buy one again, but for the price it is worth a shot. If your a fan of masterbation sleeves then this may be great for you. But we dont really have a taste for them, so it seems.
The proper use for this item

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