Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Crazy weird Asian sex toys!!!

So I want to start with this one which was labeled as  traditional Japanese sex toy!
The about said it is made with the same traditional know how that has been pleasuring women in Kumamoto for centuries! It is a "cock dildo" made from a giant elephant ear whatever that is. Your to soak it in hot or cold water to soften it. It includes six "flower" accessories and tying string to tighten and wrap your dildo! 
All I can say is WTF!
I would NOT put this in me!

The second I accually kind of like. I would try it!! Just wish it was robotic and would move back and forth...oh wait it will be on my finger, I could do that. OH WAIT why aren't I just using my own finger!?!?!

The next one is kind of cute, you can dress as your favorite anime character...and actually look just like her! It is like a full body suite for those people who are into masking....and personality I think this is WAY better looking then the suites those maskers wear, those are creepy, at least this is cute!

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