Thursday, October 13, 2016

VulvaLoveLovely - Neat Website!

I discovered this lovely website called vulvalovelovely and they make vulva art mostly jewelry. They also will do custom pieces based off of your lady bits!!!

I think this website is wonderful for female empowerment, and she makes the vulva's so beautiful and fun that is makes it hard not to love your bits! Personality I find the ones with the larger labia to be more beautiful in her pieces then the ones with the smaller labia. Which I find great because in studies so many people think that a small labia is more attractive or normal, based off of what is shown on film and magazines and her pieces make you feel the opposite way! I have one of those vulvas with the small labia tucked inside all neat, and I thought it was just perfect and beautiful. But when I went to go and get a art piece made I was thinking well that would be just boring, and opted to get one of the pre-made pieces with the larger labia that I found to be so beautiful!!!

Check out her site though it is fantastic, she makes beetle-juice themed pieces, snow queen themed, fruit themed, flowers, shells, or just plain ol' natural!!! Basically you can make your vulva however you would like, however you feel it would look the most lovely!!!
Instead of a necklace you could just get a portrait piece to display in your home, or painted nesting dolls. You could get your partner a belt buckle with your lady bits displayed on it!!!
She also makes plushies, vegan soap, and tea. Also she has cute underwear that has are insides sewn on the outside, which would actually be great to wear in front of a womens health class to show where the fallopian tubes are located!

Check her out she is super neat!!!

and if you want to check out her youtube on what she does you can find that here!!!

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