Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sasha Grey CreamPie Pocket Pussy

So I decided I wanted to get myself a pocket pussy for my collection of sex toys, just to have around for video demonstrations and what not, and since I had a 50% off one item code for Adam and Eve I decided to check out the male stokers. Since I found myself the most appealed to the look of Sasha Grey's vulva, over any other choice they had, plus I am a fan of her. I decided to purchase the Sasha Grey one hole masturbation toy.

Since I do not have a penis I used my boyfriend as a stunt cock!!!
His statements on it were "Its not as good as the real thing, but would a sheep be any better? idk i don't want to find out." hahaha I don't even know what he meant by that statement, he was stoned, but he also said, "It isn't the same but it gets the job done" and "He prefers my hand to it, but wouldn't mind it for something different" Really his only complaint on it, is that pussy's are soft while still firm. These are too soft. If they did what they did with Vix skin duel density then these could be a great product. So perhaps put firmness around it on the outside and the soft stuff inside, like a reverse vikskin dildo! You would no longer be able to put it inside out to clean it. But i didn't do that to mine to clean it. I just filled up the pussy with some hot water multiple times and stuck my finger in and gushed the water out, swirled it around a few times, then messed with it till it was dry inside before storing it!

Fingering it was kind of erotic feeling, it is pretty life like looking especially for the price. If you want to experiment with a pocket pussy before going out and splurging on a fleshlight then this is the way to go! Also if you arn't to keen on the idea of cumming in it and just rinsing it out, it is almost affordable enough that you could just use this once or twice and dump it and get a new one!!

This toy is make out of Ultra-Skyn. But another site says Ur3 for life like feel and  contains sil-a-gel for anti-bacterial and to help it keep it in tip top shape. So not sure if they are one and the same but they claim this is body safe and phthalate free TPE
This toy is made by DocJohnson and it is part of their all star porn stars collection!
This toy is 2.5 inches wide and 5.3 inches long with 4.8 insertable length!
The single opening creates suction for a pleasant sensation, and to intensify the suction squeeze out excess air after insertion!
It has a textured grip for better control, and the inside is ribbed for sensation!

They also make her mouth, and the 2 fuck hole one which has a vagina on one end and a bum-hole on the other end! The cream pie pussy one that I purchased goes for about $10-25 depending on where you decide to buy it. Like I said I got mine on Adam and Eve, but they have them at Spencer's Gifts, Amazon, and I'm sure most other sex stores.

Overall for the price of this toy, I think it is good quality and I would give this a 7.5/10

(I will post more pictures of it later, right now I took photos from amazon. I threw away the box mine came in due to a bed bug infection and this was near there nest)

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