Friday, October 14, 2016

Vixen Mustang Royale

Wow I can't even put into words how in love with this toy I am. I had never experienced duel density before getting 'him' but boy, oh boy was I missing out. I wasn't a fan of dildos before meeting this toy! They were always hard and boring or painful. Nothing like having sex with a real man, and that is why I would buy a dildo that resembles a penis, to have it feel like being with a man!
But none of them could do the trick and I would rather just go find a dude to bang, then to pull a toy out of a drawer and that was a problem especially when I had a boyfriend who was in prison when I wanted dick, I would have to cheat on him to get my dick fix, because my alternative was insufficient!
No longer do I have a boyfriend that goes on prison vacations, but sometimes I want something in my greedy little cunt, and he isn't home. I text him that I am horny, but it doesn't lure him home that second. My pussy is throbbing and aching and just begging to be stuffed. I rub myself keeping it occupied and keeping myself wet hoping he will show up and satisfy my craving, but atlas he is busy working on something and unable to come and play with me at my every beckon call and then what is a slutty girl who is loyal to do? Just let my pussy calm down and do nothing? Humph, not anymore! Now that I got my boy toy mr. mustang! I just unwrap him from the bandanna I keep him stored in (so everything doesn't get stuck to him) and I go to town!
So now that I have expressed my love I want to say my fantasy I have and then I'll go into product deets and the actual get down on it!
So my fantasy...(I will keep it quick) This toy is made for harnesses and it has these little bumps on the back that are supposed to massage your pussy when you use this as a strap-on! Well I want to find a girl, and tag team her with my boyfriend! Let him get a blowjob while I fuck her and we can high five each other like hommies, over her back! Eiffel tower!! Ok, that's it. That is my fantasy and he is so down with it, just all I need is the girl! haha.

Alright so now to get serious and get down to business reviewing this beautiful wonderful addition to my life!
I would give this a 9.5 out of 10 stars!! I love everything about it, the size, how it is the perfect mix of soft and firm, how it looks, how it feels! It is perfect. The only thing that would make this even better was if it was the regular Mustang that has the suction bottom, so I could stick it to the shower wall. But it is fine I do well holding it. I also sit it on the bed and ride it. I take bathes with it. If I do cam shows this is my go to blow-job dick!!! I love this toy!!! The model I have the Royale has the saddle base, which is basically special lumps on the bottom for when you wear it in a harness, it will stimulate your lady bits. Now I have not tried using it that way, but I have placed it up against my bits and kind of stimulated that situation and I suppose it does the is definitely a whole lot better then some flat silicone piece just sitting there, at least this is giving you some action!!! They also make the Vixenaire model of the mustang, which has the saddle base but this one inflates and pulsates. But that is how good this dildo is, they make 3 different models of it! Now on to size, if you are a size queen then this toy is NOT for you. It will not be large enough. But for the average female this will be perfect. I think this would even work well for beginners!
The mustang comes in a verity of lovely colors, Vanilla (which I have, caramel, chocolate, flour-a-pink, and tie-bright! It is $114 well spent! 6-1/2 inches long with a 1-5/8 diameter! 100% silicone. Duel density, non-porous, can be boiled for 3min to clean or washed with soap and water, and this toy has a life time warranty!!! Worth it!!!
Buy this beauty from Vixen-Creations right here!!!
You won't regret it, at least I didn't! It is currently the best dildo I have ever used!!!

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